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xWent to Nijiya yesterday!!! It is a Japanese store in San Jose. I read on Yelp that it is supposedly cheaper than Mitsuwa but I don’t see any major difference in price. I got an array of ingredients thinking I will eventually get to make them~ I couldn’t wait to try making sushi so ended […]

Perogy/Pierogy time~

I decided to try make some perogies coz Meep likes them and they remind me of Janja, Eurasian Bistro, Virgil, Edmonton… Good times. I remembered trying them for the first time there and did not understand why they would cost $0.70 each. It seemed ridiculous coz it was just potatoes, cheese n dough. Now it […]

Noodle making

My new arrivals were put to use for the first time tonight and I had sooo much fun~ I got a new pasta maker, pasta “bible”, pasta drying rack for our anniversary~  Today I decided to christen my maker by making egg noodles with wontons~ First – 1 cup flour w 2 eggs (more flour […]

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