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A housewife’s tale episode 20

Another week filled w food, happy stomachs n for some reason lotsa kimchi~ . Sunday – We headed to Ranch99 to pick up some groceries. We talked bout eating light and healthier – to me that means more fishie n veggie. That was exactly what we got. I got fresh white bass and steamed it […]

Korean night!

It has been korean for a couple nights now. I was feeling kinda blah today and so to cheer myself up, I did a little step by step picture taking of some korean cooking~ I think these recipes are pretty authentic but then who am I to say. I m no korean. I refer a […]

Araxi – Whistler, BC (Canada)

Went to Whistler in the summer of 09 and took all the pictures and never got around to writing a review, even after I started this blog in September. But alas, here it is. Araxi prides itself for a menu that encompasses the freshest seafood directly from the Pacific Ocean and using ingredients that are […]

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