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Sai Woo Garden – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Each trip back to Edmonton meant dinner with my relatives. It just happened that I was there on my cousin’s birthday so we all head out to Chinatown for a nice dinner. About 11 of us were cramped into a table on a busy Friday night. Sai Woo Garden is one of the “better” restaurants […]

Housewife’s tale episode 32

Aiayaiayaiyaiyayiayaiya —> all I could say about this week. I have screwed up my sleeping pattern and routine. Sleeping till 3 pm and staying up till 8 am is not working out for me. Down with a cold and just feeling pretty crap. I got to figure out a way to study at normal hours. […]

Boualouang Laos & Thai Restaurant – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

I just got back from Edmonton. Edmonton is officially my 2nd home~ It still surprises my friends how attached to Edmonton I am; most of them can’t wait to move outta there.  But trust me, it is not THAT bad (if you can ignore the -30 degrees celsius for a few months a year) I […]

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