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Taipan Dim Sum Bakery – San Jose, CA

Love love love dim sum!!! Since Meep and I moved here in Sept, we have been looking for places in SJ for dim sum. We used to go to Grand Palace (but they closed down and had an eviction notice on their door); then we went on looking… problem is, we crave dim sum after […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 35

week 35~ nothing exciting to write about so let’s just get to menu! Sunday – I wrote a detailed post about my successful attempt at making these rice noodles that looks like rats’ tails! Recipe here. . . Monday – Oven baked chicken. Served with bakchoy and mushrooms! Yuummm…. Easy bbq sauce marinated for a few […]

Lau Su Fen/ Loh See Fun/ Rats’ Tails.

I finally did it! When I saw this recipe in Lily’s Wai Sek Hong; I kept telling myself that I will make it one day and that day came. YAY!! The flours have been sitting in my pantry for months~ I needed some starch to go with the roast pork I made, so I figured noodles would […]

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