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Greek Part 3 – Hummus

I made my first hummus back in 2004. I have to say, over the years I have found what I liked and the ratios for the right consistency. V(an owner of the Bistro I used to work at) liked his hummus with more lemon, very light garlic taste and runny. AS (a good friend and […]

99 Chicken – Santa Clara, CA

I have been wanting to try out 99 chicken since M raved about it several times. Finally went when S & A suggested korean fried chicken for our regular dinner “dates”. I don’t know much about korean fried chicken but I have been told that 99 chicken serves very authentic ones. Their sweet spicy sauce […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 49

Busy week of eating and hanging out with friends~ I am seriously in need of some “kitchen” time~ It is definitely time to pull out my pasta maker and get down and dirty! I cooked 3 meals in 7 days?!! How depressing…. Here is the busy, lazy week recap… . Sunday – Meep and I […]

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