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Housewife’s Tale episode 64-69

A brief recap(very brief because this housewife is on a looooong break and not really cooking) of week 64-69. Week 64 – was suppose to cook a crap load of food and freeze them into portions for Meep but that failed. I ended up scramling to get as much shopping, cleaning and packing done as […]

Happy New Year!!

Hi all! Happy 2011~ Housewife’s Tale’s weekly recap is ona short vacation since I have been away from SJ for over a month now. Being back home in Brunei means I don’t cook for myself BUT I have been eating out a lot so lotsa lotsa posts to come. Just wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW […]

Layang Layang – San Jose, CA

Layang Layang is just the plural for kite (kites) in Bahasa Melayu aka Malay (the national language of Brunei & Malaysia). Meep and I have driven past this restaurant a handful of times but was never too keen about visiting it. Even when I saw a deal on Groupon, I still was not swayed. To […]

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