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Excapade (Bunut) – Brunei

Gotta love Excapade~ Excapade has to be the most popular Japanese restaurant chain in Brunei. It started off as a little restaurant in Gadong and in less than 8 yrs, it now has about 7 different locations all over Brunei. This is one of the newer ones offering Teppanyaki & Shabu Shabu. There restaurant is […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 82

This is one looong post. Not because this housewife has been cooking up a storm but because she has been eating up a storm in New York City!!! . Sunday – I bought some pandan leaves a few weeks ago – and they were starting to look a little iffy. So I decided to use […]

Sweet Lemongrass – Brunei

Met up w a friend who I have not seen in over a decade for dinner~ I have to say, Sweet Lemongrass was definitely a great place for a reunion. Large wooden tables that could pass off as long benches. I have heard only good things about this place so I could not wait to […]

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