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Frangipani Bistro & Cafe – Brunei

Sweets, D & I were meeting up for lunch – and they suggested Frangipani~ I was up for trying new restaurants in Brunei (since I had 2 whole mths there to pig out on my local favourites). Walking in the restaurant, I had no expectations of the food at all. I figured it wouldn’t be […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 81

Sunday – Dim sum to start our week~ We joined SK & A (along with a couple other friends) at Koi Palace in Daly City for dim sum~ Here are some favourites! For dinner, I finally cooked the fish maw that Ah Ko packed for me. Mom asked her for a little fish maw (she […]

Banana Leaf – Miri, Malaysia

Went to Miri for a day trip w a couple cousins n a friend. The driver (Jean) kept going on about the Nasi Lemak @ Banana Leaf, so we figured it would be a good lunch spot~ The restaurant is open air, with a lot of seating. Menu is simple with two pages and a […]

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