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A Housewife’s Tale episode 99

HOLY CRAP! yes… it has been over 99 weeks. I should be legal to work in a few weeks but somehow, after 99 weeks I have grown quite accustom to this lifestyle. As much as I am excited about working, meeting new people and kickstarting my career (about time), I think I am going to […]

Happy Birthday!

Ok, this post is a little late. Just a little… This year, my birthday is a lot more eventful than the last. Not because last year’s birthday was bad, but this year was filled with way more stuff going on. First of, on the weekend before my birthday Meep took us to Monterey. He has […]

Bluefin Japanese Restaurant & Lounge – San Jose, CA

DK was in the neighbourhood, and before catching the hockey game w Meep, we went out to grab a bite. Bluefin is conveniently a 2 min walk away~ Bluefin opened across the road, right after we moved in to our new place in San Jose. The lounge is always packed before a Shark’s game but […]

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