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Bistro Moulin – Monterey, CA

After walking from the wharf to the aquarium to work off our huge lunch, then 3.5 hours in the aquarium and checking out the surrounding shops. I was more than happy to sit down for a nice dinner and some wine. I made reservations for Bistro Moulin a week in advance because I read about […]

Old Fisherman’s Grotto – Monterey, CA

On our little day trip to Monterey, I wanted some good seafood. It seems that this restaurant is the popular choice out of all the overwhelming choices of seafood restaurants on the Wharf. The restaurant is not hard to spot, with the bright yellow front with a giant line. By the time we left, there […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 103

So… I am now wondering if I should keep calling these weekly updates “Housewife’s Tale” episodes since I am now actively job hunting! YAYYYY *fireworks* I got my EAD & SSN in the mail this week and will be applying for job once Meep & I get back from Vancouver. We are heading to Vancouver […]

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