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Beijing Beijing – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Every visit to Edmonton means a big filling dinner w my extended family that lives there. This trip is no different. My cousin picked Beijing Beijing~ There is only one “Beijing” on the building  but two in the menu so I am guessing there is meant to be Beijing Beijing. I continue to be impressed […]

Elm Cafe – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

I first met Chef Nathan Box when he started working at Sugarbowl during our University years (we graduated the same day!). He was a huge addition to Sugarbowl, making major changes in the menu and restructuring the kitchen and eventually became part of management. Now he has moved on, opened his own little cafe in […]

Sugarbowl – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Sugarbowl has been around for a really long time; it has changed over the years. I worked at Sugarbowl in my last 2 years of Undergrad and more; started as a bartender then slowly I moved into the kitchen and finally as a server. There were days when I would be throwing together a creamy […]

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