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Nell’s Restaurant – Seattle, WA

For the last lunch in Seattle before driving back to Vancouver, we decided for a place near the amazingly beautiful Green Lake. None of us knew the area, so we were just planning to walk into whatever catches our eye. With a very effective voting system, we picked Nell’s over the Mexican restaurant next door […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 108

Usually I start of my week with the whole little recap of more personal stuff. This week, I can’t think of anything of write up so here goes the recap of our menu for week 108. Sunday – went grocery shopping with Meep. I picked up some salmon for cheap at Ranch99 so decided to […]

Columbia City Bakery – Seattle, WA

After checking out youngest SIL’s awesome new home in Seattle, we all took a stroll around the neighbourhood and stumbled on Columbia City Bakery. We ended up taking a short break from the walk/heat; grabbed some cold drinks & snacking on some cookies. It was such a quaint little place with the most random (but […]

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