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A Housewife’s Tale episode 142

Another busy week and we met our May deadline! yayyyy!!! I was also able to run 4 times out of the week, which is a pretty impressive considering how horrible I am at committing to anything physical. Hopefully I keep that up next week! So now on to the weekly recap: Sunday – I marinated […]

Eating through the 2012 7×7 Big Eat List

One random weekend, A & I had planned to eat at Cyrus in Healdsburg; we had our reservations and figured out all the logistics weeks prior only to have our plans crushed by the closing of Dolye Drive, which would have created an hour detour and it just didn’t seem logical so we canceled our […]

V Tropical Bake Shop – San Jose, CA

I found out about V Tropical from Yelp, so I decided to stop by one afternoon. It is a little Filipino bakery that is popular for their huge variety of different “pan”/rolls. I knew what I wanted before I even got to the shop but was still surprised by the number of choices. Whole range […]

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