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A Housewife’s Tale episode 146

OMG! What a crazy few weeks… Work has been a tad intense, prolly my own doing but deadline is coming up soon and I still have lots to do! Time to get cracking, and Meep has been suffering the most since I haven’t cooked much at home neither have I been cleaning much. *sigh* Maybe […]

Korean Secret Garden – Santa Clara, CA

Another dinner out w DK. We are not very creative when we dine out and rather than being a total nazi about where we dine, I let him decide. He picked Secret Garden for some Korean BBQ since he has been there and quite enjoyed it. The restaurant looked great! It was clean and decorated […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 145

Another quickie recap: Sunday – Started the week with some awesome Beef short ribs and mushroom tofu soup. I haven’t made soup in a while and I got to say – I miss homecooked soups that have everything but the kitchen sink in them. yummmm . . Monday – I made some chicken rice but […]

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