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After 6 months of being too busy with just life, M & I finally had a chance to do our usual – Eat, shop & walk for hours. She suggested checking out the Happy Hour at Yard House on Santana Row. I heard that there is usually quite a wait after 5pm, as people get off work and want to take advantage of the cheap eats & drinks. We went at about 3.30 and was seated right away.

The place is massive!

There selling point is definitely the huge range of alcoholic options and massive beers!

Menu of alcoholic beverages is very impressive.

Regular menu has all kinds of appetisers, salads and entrees – it a pretty long menu!

Happy Hour menu is great, with lots of options.

Took us a while to order because there were sooo many options in their happy hour menu! We ended up ordering:


Hawaiian Poke Stack $5.82

Fresh marinated raw ahi stacked with crispy wontons, carrots, bean sprouts, avocado and wasabi soy sauce

Not a very appetising dish. The tuna was fresh and all, but the overall dish was a disappointment. I didn’t care much for the carrots and beansprouts that have been tossed in sesame oil and not seasoned well. The crispy wontons were very greasy. The tuna itself was underseasoned. All I tasted was the soy sauce & wasabi sauce along with sesame oil from the veggies.


Blue Crab Cakes $5.47

Served with mango papaya chutney, passion fruit beurre blanc and tomato oil

The crab cakes were not bad, made with read crab meat and peppers. The crust was a little dense and heavy, but had good seasoning. I quite liked the sweet mango papaya chutney, especially with the deep fried crispy cakes BUT the beurre blanc was a disaster. It tasted horrible on its own and horrible with the chutney or crab cake. It was just thick, gummy, creamy and way too sweet. The tomato oil did nothing for the dish either.


Bernaise Sliders $6.95

Four mini burgers made from natural angus beef served with fried onions, béarnaise sauce, fries and pickle

Burgers were quite tasty! I enjoyed the soft and almost sweet rolls. The meat patty is just a giant patty cut into quarters to fit into the rolls. The patty was a tad overcooked so it was dry but was nice and beefy. Topped with very crispy fried onions. Pretty good solid burger.

The bernaise sauce did not even taste like traditional bernaise and a lot like a mayo mixed with some seasoning. Man, they must not make very good creamy sauces. The oil was starting to separate and so when I dip my fries in, it just tasted like a coating of grease.

I have to say the fries were pretty darn amazing. Very very crispy and tasted good cold too!



Coke $2.95
Sprite $2.95



Total Damage: $31 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 (Average)

I didn’t get to try any of the cocktails because I was driving but the appetisers were pretty average. That being said, I wouldn’t mind paying the Happy Hour prices but not their full price. I think I would probably stick to the more common choices of pizza, burgers and fries rather than their attempts at being creative.

That being said, I would not wait in line to try to get in and eat there (even with the Happy Hour prices). There are just so many choices around the area offering Happy Hour, with better food.




Yard House

300 Santana Row
Ste 101, San Jose
CA 95128

(408) 241 9273

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2 Responses to “Yard House – San Jose, CA”

  1. Yard House says:

    Hi Eddangel,

    Thank you for coming in to visit us and to check out our Happy Hour. We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with any of your meal choices during your experience and left dissatisfied. We invite you to email us at yhguest@yardhouse.com with your contact information so that we could have a chance to speak with you further and hopefully turn things around.

    Thank you.

  2. warren perry says:

    Was not impressed with the quality of food/price at the Long Beach location. Appetizers took way too long and were just mediocre. The Happy Hour prices on beer are way too complicated
    got overcharged then had to argue about it.

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