Cafe Medina – Vancouver, BC (Canada)

After our lunch date at Market by Jean Georges, Meep and I met up with Cuz C for a coffee before he had to head to the airport. I didn’t know where we were going till we parked across the street from Cafe Medina. I wanted to try the place for their brunch but we were in Seattle that weekend so when Cuz C was parking and told us we were going there for their amazing coffee- I was psyched!

Menu was a simple 2 pager. One page with a list of specialty coffees, wines & beers. The other page has the breakfast, lunch, sides and waffles.

We ordered:

2 Americanos @ $2.45 each

I loved the coffee. It was robust and full bodied, dark roasted with a nice crema. Delicious and not your average watered down espresso.


Matcha Latte $4.15

The latte was delicious as well. The matcha was strong and not sweetened, which I appreciate because the one from Starbucks is always to sweet or too light. Creamy, bitter and frothy latte in generous mug.


Waffle $3.15 + Dark Chocolate $1

The waffle was a tad disappointing and tiny ( about the size of my palm, maybe smaller). It was barely warm when it got to the table and not crispy at the edges. It has nice colour and looked amazing but taste wise fell short. It was good plain (with a hint of sweetness) but tasted better with the chocolate sauce. The sauce was perfectly smooth, silky and bittersweet.


Waffle $3.15 + White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater $1

Again, the waffle was small so it cooled down really fast so was barely warm by the time I took the first bite. It was not as crispy as it looks and halfway through it became quite a struggle to cut them into pieces.

I am feeling a little confused by whether I liked the white chocolate topping or not. It was really sweet and tasted too much like runny sweetened condensed milk with perfume. The rosewater was a little overwhelming and left an aftertaste that was too perfume-y.




Total Damage: $23.32 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

The bill was tad hefty for 2 tiny waffles and 3 drinks. The waffles were not as amazing as I thought they would be; they are good but a tad too pricey for what you get. The beverages on the other hand, did not disappoint – they were made well and tasted amazing.

The service was not too bad for a busy place. We got seated at the bar pretty soon after we walked in, were given menus and ordered in about 5 minutes and our drinks shortly after.

The next time I am back, I’ve got to try their breakfast, brunch or lunch menu!




Cafe Medina

556 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2L3

(604)  879 3114

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