Nell’s Restaurant – Seattle, WA

For the last lunch in Seattle before driving back to Vancouver, we decided for a place near the amazingly beautiful Green Lake. None of us knew the area, so we were just planning to walk into whatever catches our eye. With a very effective voting system, we picked Nell’s over the Mexican restaurant next door to it.

The interior of the restaurant was a lot classier than I would have expected (especially from what we see from the patio/outside). We chose to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air (and less stuffy atmosphere).

I think most of us were expecting some pastas on the menu since there were signs reading “Italian” everywhere but all we got was this short Summer Patio Menu:


We ordered:

Spicy Braised Beef Sliders (3 pieces) $6

These cute little sliders tasted better than it looked. The buns were good and reminiscent of brioche (but not as sweet) and the braised beef tasted pretty much like pull pork. I don’t really get any heat/spice from this, mainly BBQ flavours. Just like a pull pork sandwich but less vinegar-y.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon & Tomatoes $5.50

I was skeptical about ordering grilled cheese but it turned out to be an excellent choice. That being said, the menu states that there is bacon on the sandwich but we only found a teeeeny little piece. I didn’t taste it at all. Good quality cheese on yummy buttered grilled bread. What’s not to like.


2 orders Barbeque Pork Ribs (Large) $10 each

This was actually very very good. The meat was fall off the bone tender, with the fats all soft and melted in our mouths. They were also not overly saucy. We polished these off fast and were contemplating ordering more.


Grilled Top Sirloin Steak Sandwich w Red Onion, Blue Cheese & Aioli $9

I was quite disappointed with this sandwich. There was barely any aioli on the bun so I don’t even remember what it tasted like. The steak was chewy and underseasoned. After eating the ribs, this was just bland..


Other dishes I didn’t try:

Organic Field Green Salad w Sherry Honey Vinaigrette (Large) $7 and Grilled Chicken $3

Didn’t try this.


Grilled Wild Salmon w White Corn, Frisee & Tarragon Vinaigrette $9 –

Didn’t try this either but it looks great! This dish was an amazing deal at $9. The fillet was a nice portion and was an actual complete dish.




2 Alaskan Amber Ale @$3 each
1 glass of red wine (d’Abruzzo) $6
1 coffee $2.50



Total Damage: $108.20 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Above average)

For the ambiance & price, the food lived up to expectations. Simple but well executed along with reasonable pricing especially for a light lunch or snack.

My only gripe was the service. Service was sllloooowwww…. At one point after perusing the menu, we wanted to ask if they had a different menu if we did not choose to sit on the patio but she never came and when she did it was so long after we just decided to order off the patio menu. Our server took well over 15 minutes to bring us waters and grab our order. Considering the tiny patio (about 5 tables filled) and an empty restaurant, it almost didn’t make sense to why she was so overwhelmed.




Nell’s Restaurant

6804 E Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 524 4044

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2 Responses to “Nell’s Restaurant – Seattle, WA”

  1. Jeanie Blacksher says:

    They certainly do have another menu! You really need to go back and order from their regular menu. I’ve never sat outside, and we love the uncluttered inside dining with tables not too close together. The waitstaff has always been attentive and unobtrusive, with just the right balance, and their food is exquisite. We have celebrated many special occasions at Nells, particularly birthdays, but also just getting together with our closest friends.

  2. Eddangel says:

    Do they have good pasta? I should get my sister in law to give the place a try (they just moved to Seattle a month ago and love hanging out at Green Lake).I guess going during dinner time would be ideal!

    I wished I knew more about the place before I stumbled on it… There is always next time 😀 The layout and decor of the interior is great considering the horrid green awning and weird diner like table cloths on their patio. lol

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