Columbia City Bakery – Seattle, WA

After checking out youngest SIL’s awesome new home in Seattle, we all took a stroll around the neighbourhood and stumbled on Columbia City Bakery. We ended up taking a short break from the walk/heat; grabbed some cold drinks & snacking on some cookies.

It was such a quaint little place with the most random (but quite pricey) art on the walls; shelves filled with all kinds of jams, spread and cookies; display case with fresh baked goodies and a good selection of beverages.


We ordered:

2 pieces Super Chip Cookie $0.75 each; 2 pieces Ginger Cookies $0.75 each; 2 pieces Almond Macaroon $1 each

Super Chip Cookie – This was literally eating chocolate chips with a side of cookie dough. Every bite was filled with semi sweet chocolate chip. Pretty good but I missed the “cookie-ness” of a less condensed cookie.

Ginger Cookie – Pretty good but not quite as gingery as I expected. I guess I was expecting something more close to a gingerbread cookie in terms of flavour but this was less spiced up.

Almond Macaroon – Meh… I didn’t care much for this and actually don’t even remember it much.


Pistacchio Snail $2.75

My favourite. There were generous amounts of sweet crushed pistacchios. It was nutty and delicious with a very flaky pastry. The centre is of course the best part!


2 Iced Americanos – The coffee is not sweetened, so I asked for some sugar syrup~ Cold refreshing strong iced coffee. Yummm

2 bottles of soda – I didn’t try them but there were some interesting choices including blueberry!!




Total Damage: ~$17 (including 4 iced beverages & tax)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

I liked the place, a total neighbourhood gem~ The pastries and cookies and not cheap (they are pretty small, about 1/3 of my palm) but they are tasty and fresh.




Columbia City Bakery

4865 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

(206) 723 6023

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