Housewife’s tale episode 28

week 28~

Meep was in SD for 4 days for work. When I am all alone at home, I am usually too lazy to cook any “real” food. I love my rice with processed meats. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, eggs were my staples. =P



Sunday – We pick up some fresh fish in the market on Saturday. Meep’s favourite steamed white pomphret! This fish is not that expensive, about $2.99 – $3.99 per pound and worth every dollar! (esp if it is fresh)


Served with bakchoy n braised mushrooms.


Look at the silky white fish… mmmmmm




Monday – Meep was off to SD at 9 am. I had class till 10.30pm. By the time I got home, I didn’t feel like cooking. And since I didn’t need to pack Meep lunch, I don’t have to! ^_^

I had the instant noodles I ordered. Ready in 5 mins!



Tuesday – Went out to Sushi Infinity for lunch w M. We ate so much that even after 2 hours of walking. I was still full. I was pretty much full till 9 pm! I just had a sandwich~



Wednesday – Class till 10.30 pm. Meep was still away, I popped in chicken nuggets n fries in the oven. ^_^



Thursday – YAY! Meep got back. The loft always feels extra large n empty when I am by myself. I finally got around to making this Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza that I have been thinking bout for weeks!

Check out my step by step recipe here.




Friday – M text me and said she made a whole tray of corn bread (muffins). I just bought some corn meal to make some, but she totally saved me a lot of time~ I was thinking of making Jambalaya or Chili. Decided on chili~

My recipe here.





Saturday – I needed some retail therapy~ Brain seems a little exhausted and I am feeling a little ├é┬ábehind on my progress. Meep brought me to Great Mall. We walked around but I didn’t end up buying anything.

Went to Pho Kim Long for dinner. It was 8.15 pm and the place was PACKED! I was surprised, since they close at 9. But every single table was full and people kept walking in. Over 40 plus tables full!

I tried the Meat and crab broth noodle


had this for the first time and it was good!


Meep had his usual Pho with everything in it!






A lazy week when it came to cooking~. Next week will be more interesting. I got to cook lots so I could prepack some food for Meep. Heading to Edmonton on the 1st! SOOO EXCITED~

till next week (which might be delayed)

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