Taipan Dim Sum Bakery – San Jose, CA

Love love love dim sum!!! Since Meep and I moved here in Sept, we have been looking for places in SJ for dim sum. We used to go to Grand Palace (but they closed down and had an eviction notice on their door); then we went on looking… problem is, we crave dim sum after Meep’s hockey game which sometimes ends late.

I found this place on Yelp and it is open till 8 pm everyday!! How could I not be excited? We went over to try it out. Mind you, it is not a restaurant but set up like a fast food dim sum store. That did not bother me one bit since I like eating at home in front of my TV.

We were surprised at how cheap everything was… $2 for 3 pieces of the common dimsum items. *They recently increased their prices to $2.25 for common dim sum items~ Still cheap for the quality and quantity.



We almost missed the store because it is on a strip mall, next to the Lion market.


First trip – we ordered enough dim sum for 4 people for $30!!!


2nd trip – We found out our favourites. Their siu mai, black bean spare ribs, deep fried dumplings and sticky rice!


Siumai – $2.25 (price increased this week) for 3 huge pieces. Pretty good but they r pretty liberal on their use of MSG. That never bothered me, but for some might be a turn off because you tend to feel dehydrated for a while after.

Har Gow – $2.25 for 3. This is ok, definitely worth $2.25 but personally, the dough is too thick… they r generous with the shrimp tho~


Look at the size of this monster!!! I was excited since siu mai is my favourite dim sum item~~


Seafood siu mai – 3 for $2.25. I did not like this AT all. It was really weird… There r peas and carrots (the frozen type) in the dumpling and they get mushy after steamed with the seafood. WEIRD!


Black bean spare ribs – $2.50 per order. We usually order about 3 orders, and I warm it up with some dark soy sauce, serve a side of veggies over rice. YUMMMM .. You can easily make this :


For $7.50, you have leftovers for  a dinner for two! (well, maybe an additional $1 for rice and veggies. )


Radish cake – $2.25. This was a little disappointing; a little plain and mushy. But again, a good base for my own little pan fried dish. Add some bean sprouts, an egg, sriracha, dark soy sauce and green onions – quick fry.


Deep fried meat dumplings – This is one greasy ball. Meep LOVESSSS this but after one ball, the grease gets to me. I have to admit, the meat filling and taste of the rice dough is very tasty. For some reason, they absorbed a lot more grease that ones I have tried before.


Cheong fan – won’t recommend, the rice flour dough is too thick and is not silky or yummy. And I think the fact that it sits under a hot lamp for an unknown time makes the texture even weirder

Loh Mai Kai (sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf) – Not bad, a little too salty but tasty. I was saddened by the fact that they raise the price to $4.50 rather than $2.50. I would pay $2.50 for it but not $4.50.


Beef tripe – $2.25. Meep liked it, I didn’t try this… Not a fan of tripe~


Coconut bun – this is a little hard but once I nuked it in the microwave for 10 secs, it is not bad.

Deep fried shrimp balls – Pretty tasty, but you can’t really screw up deep fried shrimp balls :)


BBQ pork bun – Not bad, the bun is not as soft as most places but it is tasty. I got 1 for 90cents. I think it is 3 for $2.25.


Custard steamed bun – 3 for $2.25 and 1 for 90 cents. look for the yellow dot on the buns to make sure you get the right one.


They r really generous with the amount of custard filling and this bun surprised me. It is really good (might be a tad sweet) and the custard was really silky n creamy and not grainy.


There is an insane amount of stuff I did not try: Other kinds of buns (custard, chicken, bbq pork); other deep fried items (noodles, deep fried taro, wontons, shrimp paste on egg plant, spring rolls); steamed dumplings (5 other kinds other than pork and shrimp siu mai); baked goods (egg tarts, mexican rolls, steamed rice cakes)




Overall opinion – 2.75 stars out of 5 (Average – Good)

Additional points for the price and store hours. As long as you are not looking for first rate dim sum and just need to satisfy a quick dim sum craving – this is a perfect place to go. And it doesn’t hurt that all the food that we usually get each trip could feed 4 people for a price of $30! And the food is pretty tasty (albeit MSG filled).



Tai Pan Dim Sum Bakery

1031 E. Capitol Expressway
Suite 30

San Jose, CA 95121

(408) 225-8833

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