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After an intense couple weeks, I needed a break from just doing whatever I had been doing. V suggested taking me out for a nice dinner and some drinks along Santana Row in San Jose. Why not?? One does not always need a special occasion to splurge~

LB Steak has only been around for a few years and is situated along the fancy (almost pretentious, euro inspired) Santana Row in San Jose. On weekends, it almost seems like everyone in San Jose hangs out here.

Luckily, we made reservations coz this place was packed! Considering the size (about 4 dozen or so tables and bar space), it was still filled to the brim. The dinner crowd did start to thin about by 8.30 or so.

I enjoyed checking out the sliding doors in/out of the kitchen.

Menu is surprisingly short and concise (1 page fit all the options).

Dessert menu

They have about a great alcoholic beverage menu. Lots of choices of cocktails, beers, wines and also some non alcoholic options.


We ordered:

Pan Roasted Dorade $45.75

served with grilled peaches, stoned fruit pico de gallo, chorizo and addition of 1/2 lobster poached in lobster butter

The fish was a white fish that I have never tried. 2 generous fillets of fish with a nice crispy skin, seasoned beautifully and so moist. It was more of an oily fish with subtle flavours. I really enjoyed it.

The chorizo was salty with a hint of heat. Grainy but that was a little expected so I had no problem with it but I am not sure if i liked it w the fish. The side grilled peach and veggie ragout was unforgettable.

The addition of the lobster didn’t give the dish much, since it was not part of it to begin with so it was quite a disconnect. It was half a lobster that has been poached in what they call Lobster butter (typically some butter, lobster jus from roasting the shells and sherry). The claws were nicely shelled, with the tail left in the shell – making it quite easy to eat. Unfortunately, the lobster was a little overcooked so they were a tad chewy BUT it was really fresh and tasted quite amazing.


Dry Aged Rib Eye (12 oz) w 1/2 Lobster Tail $63.75

cooked medium rare and served with a LB Steak sauce and addition of 1/2 lobster poached in lobster butter

The rib eye was cooked to the right temperature, seasoned well, nice char and tasted great. The meat was aged beautifully and so was very tender and with a nice amount of fat that gave it a nice richness. BUT it was borderline warm eventhough it was served on a cast iron hot plate.

Again, the lobster was bit on the chewy side. Seasoned well just like the other lobster and poached in the same rich lobster butter. It was really fresh and sweet…


Mushrooms $6

Delicious! There was crimini, oysters and another mushroom I can’t identify. It sauteed and seasoned well with very little garlic, butter, parsley, salt & pepper.


Cappucino Walnut Cake $9

w Cinnamon swirl ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces

The cake was surprisingly good. I appreciate how light and airy the cake was with good subtle coffee and nutty flavours. The cinnamon ice cream was a little icy but paired with the cake well.




Dr. Loosen 2009 (Germany) Riesling (1/2 bottle) $33 – Amazing light, peach-y Riesling that has the right amount of tartness and sweetness. We polished this off a little to fast (can get quite dangerous). I appreciate that their half bottles are in these mini size bottles so it is freshly corked at the table.
Americano $3.25 – smallest cup of coffee I have been served. I finished the luke warm coffee in 3 sips. (no i dont have a big mouth)
St. George Sparkling Water $7.75



Total Damage: $218.40 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 ( Good)

The experience didn’t start off too well. Our server Michael was way overwhelmed with the number of tables he was responsible for. It literally look over 15 minutes after sitting down to get our orders. And took another 10 plus minutes to see the dessert menu. My dessert came but the coffee didn’t for a while. When it got to me, it was luke warm. Not impressed with the service at all.

Overall, the food was better than I had expected… They were all well above average, but I can’t decide if the final bill was worth the experience as a whole.




LB Steak

334 Santana Row
Ste 1000
San Jose, CA 95128

(408) 224 1180

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