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Ramen Tenma revisited~ Instead of writing one for every trip, the is the third review because there was a new addition to the menu.

Menu is very simple with nicely categorised, pretty pictures and descriptions. A page of ramen choices with toppings:

Rice bowls, sides, appetisers, desserts and drinks on 2 of the pages.

The new addition was the SSS ramen~

We ordered:

Tenma Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen) – Large $9.50 w Extra Pork (5 slices) $3 & Egg $1

Ramen in pork bone broth

Usually served with thin noodles and with corn. We ordered it with medium noodles and without corn instead, and the owner is very good about letting us make little adjustments. The noodles were cooked to a nice al dente – so as it sits in the hot soup, it doesn’t get soggy. This is our favourite because of the springi-ness that the thin noodles were missing.

Broth consistent – just as milky, porky and very very flavourful. The salt level was perfect (at least for me, I find some ramen places are very heavy handed on the salt but not here).


Triple S Ramen w Soft Egg $10

Tenma’s special spicy red miso blend (Japanese red miso and Szechuan spice) with citrus and garlic added to the pork bone broth

Served with medium or thick noodles (soba) and I picked the thick noodles.

The broth was very good, but not my favourite. It had rich miso flavours with the heat from the Szechuan spices with a hint of bitterness. Rich, creamy, thick  umamiliciou broth with generous amounts of corn. The corn gave the dish a much needed sweetness and crunch. The side of lemon did not add much dimension to the dish but balanced out the saltiness.

I love the thick noodles here. They were cooked well, very silky with a hint of a chew. The noodles held up very well to the rich broth~

As usual the egg had a nice rich dark yellow gooey yolk and the thin pork slices were tender with a nice amount of fat on it to give it the extra edge.




Total Damage: $27.75 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (very very good)

After about half a dozen trips here, we have found our favourite combination; the type of noodles, the broth and amount of extras/add ons. Sena (who we assumed is the main guy/owner) is also the Chef who puts together perfect bowls of ramen for every single guests. He is very accommodating. Great guy who is courteous and quite efficient for someone who does everything himself – he takes the orders, prepare the noodles, gives the checks and change. He has one dishwasher that helps clean up and that is the entirety of the staff.

Noodles and broth are consistent and priced well~

Review 1 & 2.




Ramen Tenma

487 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 557-8799

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