Housewife’s tale episode 30

30!!! *gulp*

Got back from Edmonton on Wednesday. It was been while since I last posted a recipe. It doesn’t help that I have to write an exam on the 22nd. I prolly won’t be posting much for a while. Maybe I will post some backdated reviews~

Sunday – S roasted a 15 lb butterball turkey. It was pretty darn good. I forgot to take a picture. =P Too hungry~

Monday – Went to my favourite Laos & Thai restaurant in Chinatown called Boualouang. Still the Edmonton (FYI). It was not as “home-cooked” as before, the prices went up, they moved to a bigger location, BUT still really good. Still my favourite Thai restaurant of all times!

H, S & I share 4 dishes. We ended up with way too much food!


Scallop bites we got for free!


B’s spicy fish curry


Chicken green curry


Pad thai – still my favourite place for pad thai. I am not anal and do not care it doesn’t look authentic coz of the dark orange hue. I love it! Have not found one I like this much from any restaurant yet~


Tom yum gung~ I love how generous they are with the prawns. And they r huge!


And finally dessert~


C & C ordered this. We all kinda ordered the same dishes for dinner. But I didn’t order the dessert. I kinda wish I did. I had lots from C&C and B. But it was sooo good. Some taro pudding, red bean sauce, ice cream… mmmmMMMMmmm



Tuesday – Last night in Edmonton! Had dinner w the in laws. H picked Sorrentino’s that is in West End. I have never been there during the time we lived in Edmonton. They had some garlic fest going on~


A & I ordered the escargot of the featured menu. Escargot with garlic white wine sauce, puff pastry and mushrooms.


I was not so impressed by the pastas. But this rib eye with black garlic sauce was calling out for me. S insisted it is silly to order meat at a pasta place. T ordered the halibut with penne in cream sauce. S sighed and gave up trying to get her point across! LOL



I didn’t want to veg n potatoes and opted for the pasta. It was pretty darn good tomato cream sauce! When I had my first bite of food – I was blown away. I thought it was a little salty but the meat was melt in your mouth good!


H ordered the seafood white wine sauce pasta. S ordered the same pasta but had the tomato based sauce instead.


Missing photos – boring penne with italian sausage and angel hair with shrimp~



Wednesday – C picked me up for breakfast at Cora’s before dropping me off at the airport.



Finally…Home sweet home! Went straight to class when the plane landed. Meep picked up burger & fries for me~


THursday – I went a little overboard. I meant to make just kimchi stew and bibimbap. But I had some extra ingredients here and there. So I made some jap chae. We ended up with wayyyy to much food~


The first time I made japchae, it was not dark enough. the noodles were a little pale. I liked this better~


I thought adding some starch noodles would make the kimchi stew more “stewy”, since I did not have sufficient ingredients~


Bibimbap! so easy and so yummy… I realised I forgot to add this meat for the picture, only when I was mixing this up~ I heated up my earthenware pot, coat it with sesame oil, add the rice… then the ingredients. With some gochujang~ mix mix mix…


Friday – Leftovers for dinner since I did not need to pack lunch~ Meep wasn’t gonna be around for the weekend so I can just eat my favourite instant noodles~


Saturday – Meep went to LA to join his best bud, M for the weekend. They r catching that last 2 Oiler games of the season and hanging out~ Oilers won! Meep called to tell me Oilers won in the shoot out. Why is this a big deal? Well, Oilers are in the VERY last place of NHL standings, in not so many words… THEY SUCK!

I had eggs n hot dogs. yummmmmmm Now I gotta go “study”.

Till next week!

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