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Been here a handful of times and they are quite different experiences each time. They have sake bomb specials 3 times a week. We went at 6 pm on a Sunday and the restaurant was only about half full, with steady stream of customers in the next couple hours.

Menu includes appetisers, rice bowls, noodles, a whole range of specialty sushi, sashimi & sushi combinations and nigri sushi.


We ordered:

Fresh Oysters $6.95

Raw Oyster topped with ponzu, green onions & sriracha

Meh… There are places that serves great oysters in the Bay Area but this is not one of them. The oyster were nice and plump but not the freshest. It was missing all the natural sweetness & brininess. It just tasted like ponzu with a tad fishy aftertaste.


Hamachi Kama $10.95

Grilled Yellowtail Collar

Delicious! It seemed more like pan fried yellowtail collar than grilled. Great quality, fresh collar that is cooked really well. Some parts were a little overcooked but the fatty parts were amazing! Pretty well seasoned on its own but it is served with lemon and a soy/ponzu mixture that I didn’t care much for.


Volcano $10.95

Deep fried spicy tuna roll topped with Jalapeno & spicy sauce

Out of the 5 different rolls I have tried here, this is my least favourite. It was OK but not great~ Good portion but a tad pricey considering it is just a deep fried spicy tuna roll. The roll is crusted with panko and then deep fried but it was not the least bit greasy. The rice managed to not absorb much oil from the deep frying but there was a tad too much rice so the roll is fairly heavy in general.

The spicy tuna mixture is cooked just a tad from deep frying but still about 75% raw. The roll is pretty spicy, with the spicy tuna topped with spicy mayo, sriracha and a slice of hot pepper. Even without the pepper it was a tad too spicy for me.


Pink Lady $11.95

Soft shell crab, avocado, tuna, snapper drizzled with mayo and sweet unagi sauce

Amazing! Lovely crunchy softshell crab that is complemented with a generous chunk of creamy avocado. The tuna and snapper that is on top is so fresh, and the sweet unagi sauce and mayo drizzle on top rounded up the roll very well. All the components was delicious together and quite addictive. Another huge portion and very satisfying! There is quite a bit of rice but it is balanced well with all the crab, avocado, raw fish and sauce.


Sushi & Sashimi $19.95

Sashimi: Maguro (Bluefin Tuna), Sake (Salmon), Hamachi (Yellowtail)

Sushi: Maguro (Bluefin Tuna), Tai (Red Snapper), Ono (Escolar), Sake (Salmon), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Aji (Mackerel)

I loved every piece of the sashimi (which is surprising because I am usually not a great fan of maguro because they are always a tad mushy). The maguro was a fresh and firm with a subtle lemony aftertaste. The salmon was fresh and firm as well, with a nice sweetness to it. The hamachi was my absolute favourite – again firm & fresh with the distinct lemony aftertaste.

The nigri were good as well. They are all of good quality except the mackerel. All very firm and fresh with a good fish to rice ratio. The rice is a little underseasoned but cooked very well. The escolar was as good as I remember, meaty and subtle – delicious!

Overall, this was one of the more disappointing combinations. The assorted sashimi and chirashi that I have tried in previous visits were way better, just in terms of variety and value for money.


Green Tea Ice Cream $2.95

Massive portion, with 4 mini scoops (more than double what you would get at other establishments), enough for 2. Pretty good quality bitter green tea ice cream.




Total Damage: $82.75 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

It was not as rowdy as our last visit, since the insane Sake Bomb deals are on during 3 times a week only. I prefer it this way. Service is way better without all the chaos and servers doing sake bombs w the diners. The moment we sat; we got menus, water and miso soup~

Food came steadily over the course of our meal, the first dish came in less than ten minutes after ordering. All the rolls were made well; they held up well and do not fall apart when picked up. Sashimi were all good quality and generous cuts.

Previous visit.




Harumi Sushi

19754 Steven’s Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 973 9985

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