Rincon De Buenos Aires – Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Our very first night in Puerto Vallarta was definitely interesting… Was suppose to meet up w Uncle K & K for dinner at the Marina but we both ended up waiting at different Marinas!!! So while waiting around the Marina; a gentleman was staring at me and before I could walk away he comes over and said “Do you remember me??”. I was more than a little confused until his friend mentioned “He works at the Customs & Immigration”.

Then I realised he was the officer who stamped our passports as we entered!! What were the odds? Neways, we chatted for a bit and he highly recommended this restaurant to us and mentioned they have great steaks. It is located right in the middle of a row of about a dozen restaurants along the marina.

I was totally surprised after some research, I found out that this was an international chain restaurant!! LOL There is even one in Vegas!!!

The place was definitely inviting; totally open air with a view of the water. Everything about the decor was rustic and welcoming.

At the very back is their grill and bar area.


Menu has a good amount of variety without being too extensive and fussy.


We had:

Complimentary Bread & Butter

The bread was amazing! Served to us piping hot with nice crusty exterior with soft sweet centre. The butter was nothing like what we get in North America, it was lighter & creamier. Great start!


Argentine Style Sausage $76 Pesos

I was disappointed with the sausage; it did not taste like anything fresh made or different from the Smoked Sausage I get from Safeway/Food Maxx! Had a nice snap and light smokey flavour but pretty much like any processed sausage. The Chimichurri is was served with on the other hand was amazing!! It was tangy, herby and so fresh tasting.

The salad was delicious. Fresh crisp lettuce and tomatoes tossed in a tangy vinaigrette that is quite reminiscent of the Chimichurri sauce.


Combo Kebab $188 Pesos

Grilled Tenderloin & Shrimp Kebabs served with Argentine Salad & Potato

The kebab were delicious! Grilled to a nice medium rare, marinated through & through and quite amazing with the Chimichurri sauce. The shrimp was fresh and delicious with a sweet aftertaste. The potatoe was not bad but the creamy sauce on top was interesting; it was tangy and light. The same salad is served here as the one with the sausage.


Salmon Filet $195 Pesos

Served with Shrimp Bisque, rice & vegetables

The moment we ordered this, I had second thoughts as I remembered they had to import the salmon! Oh well… The dish was quite disappointing, not so much because of the salmon but the shrimp bisque. It was quite disgusting actually; gummy, fishy and had the weirdest taste to it. Once we scraped off the sauce, the salmon was decent; a little overdone but decent. Veggies were steamed & bland.

The rice on the other hand was amazing! I don’t know what they cooked the rice with but it was packful of flavour. The flavour was very distinct but I can’t identify it. I was told later they cook a lot of their rice w Annatto seeds in Puerto Vallarta.


And of course, no meal is complete without dessert even in Mexico:
Brownie with Vanilla ice cream $60 pesos

This came highly recommended by our server. Pretty good solid brownie – dense, a little gooey and very rich. Nothing exciting there. The ice cream on the other hand was delicious!! Nothing like ice cream we have ever had; it was creamy, silky and not overly sweet.



Americano $25 Pesos
Water $25 Pesos


Total Damage: $675 Pesos/ ~USD$53 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 (Pretty Average)

We definitely made the mistake of not ordering only steaks at a steakhouse. I should have known better but I liked variety when ordering the dishes. The food was actually above average; all except the salmon dish which pretty much ruined the overall average for the restaurant.

Service was great. There was always someone around when we needed something, food got served in a steady stream and plates always cleared promptly. It was definitely a good meal on our very first night in Mexico!




Rincon de Buenos Aires

Royal Pacific Yacht Club
Local 126, Marina Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta,

(32) 22 12260

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