Best Taco I have ever had – Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Who knew that the best taco I have ever had would be one from an Offroading excursion! One of the many tours/excursions I booked through Vallarta Adventures was this Offroad Adventure. The trip was all about riding a Unimog (giant jeep looking vehicle pictured below) along the North Sierra Madre Occidental and making a few stops at some small towns; a top at the local tortilla factory; going through the forest; a short hour hike; lunch at a surfer hippie town and then finally a stop at a local home.

I have no idea where we ended in but about 10 minutes into pretty dense forest-y area with sparse population (random houses about half a mile away from each other), we stopped at Pachita’s home. I mean no disrespect but I don’t know how her name is actually spelt or if that is her real name but that is how she was introduced to us by Salvador (our guide).

First we got to taste some papaya, bananas and tamarind.

How corn used to be ground for tortillas – on a stone mano & metate (made of lava stone)

Pachita making tortillas the way they should be made!!!

The comal (earthware griddle) is traditionally used to cook tortillas!

Best taco I have ever had has no meat in it??!! Who would have thunk it. o_O

Guacamole – If I could, I would have finished the whole thing of guacamole – made and set in the Molcajete (a traditional stone mortar & pestle made of lava stone). It was the best guacamole I have had; texture and flavour wise it was just great!

Tomato Salsa – So delicious and fresh. I don’t know what spices she adds to this but it was great!

Prickly Pear Cactus Salsa – a tad strange but not as weird as I thought it would be. It gave an interesting texture and is not as slimy that the grilled cactus I had a few days before.




Total Damage: USD$176 (for the tour and excluding tips for guides and Pachita)

Personal Rating: 5/5 (Best ever)

Great experience as a whole!!! The excursion was well organised with a great team of tour guide & driver. Breakfast, Lunch and Taco was included along with an open bar!! I definitely think it was worth every penny just for the taste of the best taco ever. As ridiculous as that sounds but the rest of the food was not a highlight and although there were lots to see and learn, nothing beat the experience of watching the tortillas being made the way they should. The condiments were amazing in their simpliest and freshest form.




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