Thanksgiving feast!!!

Thanksgiving feasts this year~ I kept thinking I was forgetting something, and realised while cooking that I did not prepare any apptisers! Not that we needed it since it was wayyy too much food for 3 people although we did really well especially after I packed some turkey for SK and for M&W coz they came after dinner.

Definitely overate but it was a great night. Shortly after SK left coz the old man needs to go to bed early, M&W came over. We ended up spending way too much time discussing David Copperfield (He made the Statue of Libery disappear!!!!); while snacking on chips n having some JD.

Dinner turned out well. Everyone enjoyed the turkey and leftovers so I feel great! All that preparation was worth it. I am definitely a fan of brining turkey, it was quite challenging figure out how to store the 16lb bird overnight in the brining solution. Neways, here is what we have as our belated Thanksgiving dinner:

THE turkey, after brining for 18 hours overnight then getting smothered with butter compound w rosemary, thyme, garlic & lemon.

After 3 hours or so of roasting


Mash potatoes w chives & truffle salt (from my awesome SIL), which I forgot to take picture of but looks just like the regular mash but quite different flavour wise. Regular mash potatoes w chives:


Mash sweet potatoes & regular potato


Stuffing (which no one ate)




Mushrooms in white wine


CHEESECAKE w Blueberry sauce

This cheesecake is made by a co worker, she actually brought some to work for a potluck and it was one of the best I have had. When I found out she bakes for sale on the side, I ordered it. It was a tad pricey at $40 but so worth every penny… The cheesecake was very cheesy but not dense like most. It was like and creamy… and the fresh made blue berry sauce is amazing.



This evening was such success, I think I will have to prepare turkey again next year! Till next time, Don’t forget to give thanks for all the good in your life and appreciate everything (good & bad). *loves*

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