Housewife’s tale episode 32

Aiayaiayaiyaiyayiayaiya —> all I could say about this week. I have screwed up my sleeping pattern and routine. Sleeping till 3 pm and staying up till 8 am is not working out for me. Down with a cold and just feeling pretty crap. I got to figure out a way to study at normal hours. *sigh* Neways, enough whining… Menu for week 32 comprised of…


Sunday – i had so much leftover food from the past 3 days. I just forced fed Meep random small meals all day to get rid of them. More bibimbap for sure~



Monday – I love this dish. It is pretty simple (about 5 ingredients) and perfect for uninspired cooking days like Monday! I brined the pork chops, then pan fry them. Made a simple black pepper onion sauce. Served over white rice!


There was no veg component in the dish, so soup it is! I bought the pea sprouts that were a little tough, i figured it would be nice n tender in soup~


(trying to play with the light and no flash for pictures… my hands shake too much~)



Tuesday – We ate at Sudachi in SF with a couple friends. The original plan was to eat at the House of Prime Rib, but they had a stupid seating policy. Meep’s conference call ran late, so he did not meet us till past 8.15 pm. House of Prime rib would not seat us and let us eat and have the 4th person join later. =(

Sudachi on Sutter St, turned out really well tho. I was always skeptical about walking into random places without researching them, but this was a good choice. Pretty interesting sushi rolls, a kick-ass spicy udon and bunch of random stuff. I was happy.

*I forgot to take pictures because we were all kinda hungry at that point.



Wednesday –  Best dish ever! I wanted fried chicken and was not sure I felt like having just fried chicken with fries or buns. So I made nasi lemak. Recipe here~




Thursday – The next dish is inspired by the awesome rib eye with garlic sauce and pasta I had at Sorrentino’s. I was happy with the results!


The meat is no rib eye but I marinated it overnight in garlic, vinegar and seasonings; cut thinly, pretty tender yummy meat. Topped off with a quick shallot, garlic butter sauce. I wish I had black garlic but I could not find it (other than online)


I was playing around with different plating. For the pasta, I was trying to find out a good recipe for the tomato sauce that is creamy without using any cream. I saw this Wolfgang Puck’s tomato sauce with butter whisked in from SeaSalt with Food. I used this recipe and added some cheese in the end… I think Parmigiano would have made it a perfect imitation! Now let’s see the original…


The pasta was fairly close but the meat — it was missing the awesome sauce.



Friday – Meepy decided we should go pig out and have sushi. He was leaving Saturday to Tokyo for 5 days and figured I should get some good sushi. I wasn’t sure I wanted sushi since we just had some on Tuesday. But after 15 mins, decided why not. Where did we go? Our favourite place across the street. Sushi Infinity!!

I was kinda disappointed because the stuff was not prepared as well as our previous trips. =(



Saturday – I started some congee on Friday (which didn’t cook well, because I turned everything off and went out for dinner). Just had some congee and snacked all day. Back to studying~ Till next week or the next recipe~

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