Housewife’s Tale episode 33

week 33! It has been a little intense. I didn’t do much cooking because I was trying to focus on studying. That didn’t work out too well. FAR of the CPA is done! Now I just have to prepare for BEC for May~ *gulp*

Wanna see what my life is for the past couple weeks – I have a study area that I don’t use. I planted the extra bed in front of the tv and the coffee table and all my notes n computer~


when I needed to concentrate, I move away from the tv…


Meep had a last minute work trip to Japan (I was insanely jealous!). So I was alone for 5 days and did not prepare a good menu at all~ .



Sunday – I was whining about being alone at home on facebook; S&A messaged and asked if I wanted to go SF (or the city as they call it here) for dinner. I jumped on the opportunity to leave my piles of papers!

We had dinner at Toyose. It is a little cute korean restaurant that is someone’s garage!!! Jesiree B, a yelper is awesome enough to let me use her picture. . .

toyose outdoor - jesiree b

see! a garage!!!

We ordered a whole bunch of dishes – it might get too lengthy for this recap~ Click here for detailed post.



Monday – I was craving hot pot and decided to make myself a mini version. Mushrooms, wontons, chicken stock, instant noodles (instead of fresh) and fishballs!! There was enough food for two; I felt kinda gross after! DSCF5358 .


Tuesday – Went out for a movie w M. We watched the Back-up Plan. It was not that great but it was entertaining nonetheless. After the movie, we got back home and there was a power outage throughout our area. M suggested pizza for dinner rather than cooking and offered to pick me up some. I ended up napping, woke up at 10 pm and was craving pizza bad! So I made my own. Dough, toppings and everything. Took me over 2 hours… =P This honey garlic chicken pizza was such a success I made it again! Recipe here.

DSCF5361 .


Wednesday – Meep got home earlier than I anticipated. We went out for pho for dinner. There is this Vietnamese restaurant that is about 5 minutes away called Pho Lynn. The last 3 times that we tried eating there, it was closed during business hours. This time it was open!

The food was just ok, Yelp reviews over-rated it. Not bad for a quick fix though.



Thursday – Having one of those uninspired weeks. I have no idea what to make, and when I crave something it is something I cook over and over..

This day was no different! Braised mushrooms n beans AND braised soy sauce chicken with MORE mushrooms. I used the King oyster mushrooms with the chicken. I tried them for the first time in Edmonton during Easter Weekend. Loved it and got some from the market~ DSCF5373 .


Friday – Had the exam. *painful memories* The dinner at Bluefin~ A new-ish sushi restaurant and bar in San Jose. Meep and I have always wanted to try this place out but never got to it because of Sushi Infinity across the street! I have been there for their happy hour, which was not bad.

We got about 4 rolls, a salmon dinner and gyoza. Not bad at all. I thought the sushi rolls were kinda one note. More on that in a separate post here! DSCF5378

DSCF5381 .


Saturday- Another nice day at Noe Valley. I got a little sun burnt from all the sun I was exposed to! Meep had hockey, I went shopping at Ambiance (this is the best best store ever!!!). Got an awesome bag (yay!!) and then after the game, we had In & Out. YUMMMM…

For dinner – I tried re-creating this “army stew” aka Budae Jiigae, that was served at Toyose. I tried to remember what was in it and this is what I made: DSCF5385

I obviously went nuts with the spam n sausages. I also added 3 kinds of mushrooms and fishball to mine.I got to add more broth and the rice cake to make it more stew- like. Here is a comparison to the original:

toyose casserole - sandy L

(photo credit goes to Sandy L from Yelp!) I forgot tofu, green onions and rice cake! I should have looked this up on Yelp before making it. I only looked up the picture when I started typing this out. Not smart!!


my rendition! ^__^ How is it that something so simple taste so good? I want to go back to Toyose and order it and then compare again! Gotta tweak it a little more~ . . Till next week! I am trying to decide what cuisine to try cooking next.

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