Housewife’s tale episode 8

Another week has come and gone. This week flew by so ridiculously fast. On Sunday Meep and I went to Seafood City. He asked me what I wanted to do (dumb question) and I said Seafood City! While we were there, we got some great fish and lotsa meats. This is Meep’s creative way of carrying all the groceries up from the car in one trip~

He wanted some chicken from chow king again~ so that was dinner for Sunday night. Giant box of 12 pieces… num num num

I wanted to bake the fish we got that was gutted n cleaned after we picked them. I picked a mackerel but when I opened the bag, I realised I must have picked up someone else’s fish.  It was some hardscab fish. I still baked it with lemon, thyme n garlic but it turned out horrible!! =( not the ingredients but the fish was not fresh at all and I could taste it. =( No pictures of sth I did not enjoy at all!

I felt queasy n gross from the fish. And got Meep to drive me to the 24 hour safeway to pick up some sweet potatoes. Mom used to make these and I loved them. Meep is not that big a fan. Oh well!

I called mom on the weekend and asked her how she made this braised pork belly. After my 5 hour audit review class. I attempted her recipe. It turned out just like home’s. I served it with asparagus cooked in sambal belacan. Meep didn’t enjoy both dishes as much as I did and decided that he did  not like Southeast Asian cooking.

Tuesday – As mentioned in previous post (click here for link to post). I made gnocchi for the first time and served it w panfried salmon.

Wednesday- I made some calamari (mentioned previously. click here for link), and clams in white wine broth for appetisers/snacks), since I picked them up fresh and wanted to make them right away instead of letting them sit in the fridge.

On special occasions, Mom used to ordered these porkchop over rice served with egg n luncheon meat from this restaurant. It was always huge portions and I loved n remembered the taste. Replicating the dish (excluding the luncheon meat n peas in the sauce)

A very fulfilling night in terms of food I must say.

Thursday was a lazy day when it came to cooking. I always enjoyed fish and chips when I did not know what to make. And so fish n chips it was. Meep snacked on calamari while I baked the fish in the oven. This time calamari was seasoned differently and coated w panko.

Friday was busy busy. I went to the farmer’s market again. Picked up a whole bunch of veggies. I planned to cook a complete greek dinner (click here for full post). My fridge is now overflowing with meats, veggies, herbs… *jumps up n down*

With everything I needed, I made our greek dinner

Made some thin pancakes (I dare not call them crepes, not thin n crispy enuff) filled w peanut butter and condensed milk (separately). I wanted nutella n banana w whipped cream but did not have those at home. hmpf~

Saturday. Lazy day.. Didn’t go to SF with Meep for his hockey game. It was too early for me. We had burgers from Carl’s Junior that he picked up on his way home for lunch. And then I spent 9 hours reading a book (cooking our dinner in between). Chicken rice was his pick of two choices.

Bern and I had always tried to make sauce like thien thien (in Brunei) but in the end came up with a variation that I ended up liking more. Grated ginger, chopped up green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil n some oil from the chicken. YUUMMM…..

That is it for week 8! I m thinking of a lil cleansing for chris n me next week. maybe more veggie n boring meals… =)

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