Toyose – San Francisco, CA

Toyose! What a weird little place. S & A brought me to this restaurant one weekend (while Meep was away). I didn’t know what to expect because I know A really liked the place and was saying how they always have long waits. We had reservations for 7.45 for 8 ppl!

When I heard that the place was in someone’s garage, I just thought of a standalone house used as a restaurant. But nooo.. it is an actual garage on a row of detached homes. weird!!!

Note: Photo credits go to the following yelpers: Karen Y, Jesiree B and Sandy L.

toyose outdoor - jesiree b

The garage door is obviously sealed and you walk in the side little door. The inside of the place is tiny, cramped and kinda dark. I was surprised to see a whole lot of ppl sitting on the side just waiting for a table. I got a little excited at this point. With all these people who don’t mind the cramp surroundings for food = a good sign, rite?

well… let’s see~ The guys before us ordered a whole bunch of dishes and peach soju. I didn’t mind the soju, but I was never a big soju fan to begin with so I can’t tell you if it was good or not.

Next – rice cakes (dukbokkie) was ok. Just like every other rice cake I have had. Nothing special

seafood pancake - karen y

Then: Seafood pancake. This was pretty good~ But then, it is pretty hard to make seafood pancake taste bad.

kimchi fried rice - karen y

Kimchi fried rice – I was not impressed AT ALL! I really liked the kimchi fried rice at 99 Chicken on El camino. This does not compare at all. sad…

fried chicken- karen y

Fried chicken – this was pretty tasty. We got a couple orders for the table~

toyose casserole - sandy L

I was surprised at how big this pot of “army” stew or budae  jjigae. I liked the noodles and stuff in it. Not bad at all.




Total Damage: $144

Personal rating : 2.75 out of 5 (Average)

Overall, I can’t say for the rest of the food because this is all we had. I think it is a little overpriced and not as good as other restaurants I have been to. But I heard it opens till 2 am, so that is a pretty awesome thing. Pretty average korean food and a little overpriced. AND you leave smelling a little spicy. 😉 I would prolly go back if I was craving korean late night.





3814 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 731-0232

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