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On our very first night in Vegas for Christmas weekend 2011, Meep insisted we make a reservation for Stripsteak. He has been dreaming about the American Kobe Ribcap that we had here back in October and keeps telling his family about it. So my in-laws joined us here for dinner! Made a reservation via Opentable a couple weeks ahead.

Got there about 15 minutes early because we were starving and got seated right after checking in with the hostess.


Menu has not changed since we last visited in October~

Started off with the Complimentary Duck Fat Fries

Truffle, Parmesan & Garlic – all delicious!!

We ordered:

2 orders Dry Aged Bone in Ribeye $52 each

18 oz dry aged rib eye that is cooked exactly to requested temperature – rare & medium well. Even at medium well, the meat was surprisingly tender and juicy without any unpleasant chunks of fat. The fat was still evenly spread across the cut of meat. I thought it was an exceptional cut and a massive portion (partially because of the illusion caused by the giant bone) but still a lot of marbled fatty beef! A good option instead of the American Kobe if you are looking for a more flavourful fatty cut without over-indulging in the rich American Kobe that can be too much for some.


Skirt Steak $36

12 oz steak that is the toughest cut on the menu and probably at any steak house. Usually served as a thin slice, here is it over an inch thick. The steak is very lean, which is probably a selling point for some but not myself. It was quite chewy and tough even when cooked medium rare. I probably would not recommend it especially at $36.


8 oz American Kobe Ribeye $64 & 2 lb Grilled Lobster $48

This plate is actually our custom made surf & turf. SIL and I split the steak and lobster and our server was kind enough to inform the kitchen to split it for us. So on this plate is a 4 oz Kobe Ribeye & 1 lb lobster.

I ordered the beef medium rare but it was quite on the rare side. Unlike the ribcap, the ribeye is not as fatty or tender. Still very tender mind you, but quite noticeable from the rib cap (eventhough the rib cap is just the end parts of the ribeye). The steak was a little underseasoned but not a big deal.

Lobster was very good; sweet, tender and so fresh!! It was grilled very well – I am always impressed when grilled lobster is not over done. The claw had been shelled so well that it is still intact!! It made for a great bite~


American Kobe Rib Cap $67 w Foie Gras $20

This is definitely a must try if you are only going to be at Stripsteak once (Foie Gras optional!) The fatty 8oz. meat is grilled till there is a nice crust on the outside holding all the juices in. Cooked to the requested temperature – medium rare, where the marbled fat is just cooked and translucent so it melts in the mouth. Seasoned very well and definitely showcases the rich high quality beef.

The foie gras is of exceptional quality – not a vein in sight or the slightest grittiness. It was smooth and creamy like butter with the irony aftertaste. Seared and seasoned well.


Colorado Lamb $45

Rosemary Jus & Balsamic Tapenade

The lamb was cooked a little rarer than the requested medium rare; not what I am used to when having lamb so I was quite skeptical but it was tasty! Not extremely gamey and quite tender for such a lean meat. I thought it was a tad underseasoned and the rosemary was very subtle. I found the balsamic tapenade (sundried tomatoes & balsamic) to be way overwhelming and the Rosemary Jus is lost when mixed with the oil from the tapenade. When eaten with the lamb, the natural lamb flavours were all lost and could not hold up to the tapenade either.

* All the dishes were served with a roasted mini Bell Pepper and shallot. Both were roasted nicely and really naturally sweet.


2 Orders Truffled Mac & Cheese $12 each

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I didn’t want to keep my in laws from digging in! The mac & cheese has more than doubled in size since October!! Not knowing that, we ordered two of them and ended with too much sides. When I asked our server if we had enough, he suggested another side (which we then got the mushrooms) but left out the fact that their mac & cheese is quite substantial. Grrr…

Roasted Maitake Mushrooms $16

Delicious. In our first visit, the mushrooms were disappointing but this time around it was great. Seasoned and roasted well.

Bacon Creamed Spinach $10

Surprisingly tasty! I am usually not a fan of creamed spinach because it usually served as a goopy mess. This was definitely no goopy mess. The spinach still tasted like spinach with prominent bacon flavours. It was definitely creamed but not goopy and surprisingly light.

Potato Puree Trio $14

Sour cream & onion, Lobster, Horseradish

All three were smooth and creamy. My favourite was the lobster version which tasted like lobster bisque but thicker in consistency. It was salty, a little peppery and briny.

The horseradish was a tad sharp for my taste but to be fair, I have never been a fan of horseradish, even Wasabi took me years to acquire a taste for it. It was not as salty as the lobster and more one dimensional.

The sour cream & onion version came off a tad strange. Mind you, it was definitely sour cream & onion but too reminiscent of eating Sour Cream & Onion Lays’ Potato Chips. The seasoning was a little more heavy handed than the other two for this.


Opera Cake $12

Espresso & Almond, Chocolate Ganache & Cocoa Sorbet

Delicious!! The thin layers of almond cake had very subtle almond flavours with the rich chocolate ganache and what seemed like coffee flavoured ganache. It was dense but in a good way. I loved the cocoa sorbet – it was not overly sweet with intense dark chocolate flavours.


Apple Crumble $12

Baked Apples, Oatmeal Streussel, Cinnamon Ice Cream

Another great dessert. The apples were baked nicely with a tad of a bite left to them, very traditional apple crumble flavours – cinnamony, tart and a tad sweet. The oatmeal streussel gave it the necessary crunch and was tasty as well. Best part of the dessert was the cinnamon ice cream – light, creamy and rich in cinnamon flavours. Complimented the crumble well!



Pepsi $4
Glass of Thanisch Riesling $14
3 Coffees $15




Total Damage: $633. 02 (Including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Great)

Definitely still a fan! Since the other half fell in love with this place 2 mths ago, he insisted a trip here for every Vegas trip hereinafter. Went in a larger group and managed to try even more dishes this time around.

I have to say – after trying 4 different cuts of the beef, the best is still the American Kobe Ribcap!!! It is the fattiest but also the best. Also I have been impressed with the desserts on both visits as well so do not miss out and save some room for dessert!

Service was pretty good – other than the lousy suggestion to add another side and the hard sell on the lobster, which was delish but doubtful to be 2 lbs; he was good. Most of the work was done by the food runners and bussers who did a great job refilling waters, cleaning dishes and etc.

First visit review here.




3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 632 7414

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