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For Christmas dinner, I made our dinner reservation through Opentable a good two weeks before the actual dinner. I was not sure how busy they would be since I was told time and te again that Christmas is the slowest time of the year in Vegas.

I am so glad we made reservations, when we got there 715 pm, I overheard the hostess telling guests they have no tables until 10pm or the next day!! I almost had a panic attack when we realize my parents in law did not know the name of the restaurant and only knew it was a French bistro (long story)!! But they held on our table for about 20 minutes, which I greatly appreciated.

Got seated at their smaller “rooms” where they usually hosts groups, away from the main dining hall.

No special menu on Christmas, just the same menu they serve every evening.


Complimentary Bread – The baguette was as good as we remembered. Served piping hot with some butter.

Complimentary Apple & Fennel Salad

It was very much like lightly pickled apple & fennel, sweet & tangy.

We ordered:

2 orders Jumbo Lump Crab Cake $15.95 each

served with celery root remoulade, lemon beurre blanc sauce

The crab cake was a huge disappointment; borderline fresh and quite unpleasant in terms of texture. The celery root was mushy and weird, while the beurre blance was gummy and underwhelming. Bland with barely a crust from searing and overall not very good.


2 orders Escargot De Bourgogne @ $10.95 each

Oven roasted snails in garlic herb butter

The escargot was cooked in a flavourful herb mixture and lotsa butter. Seasoned well and packful of flavour and the butter was amazing with bread!


Duck Confit & Fingerling Potato $11.95

served with balsamic cherries & watercress

Nothing close to what I expected duck confit to be. The skin was fatty and soggy, none of the fat was rendered off and pretty much felt like braised duck. There were also little feather ends stuck on parts of the skin, which was quite unappealing. That said, it tasted really good – salty and rich.


Four Mushroom Soup $7.95

Topped with roasted mushrooms & brioche

Best appetiser of the evening! The soup was amazing – the flavours were so well developed and definitely mushroom-y. It was not overly thickened with cream and surprisingly light yet rich for a cream of mushroom. There were slices of different types of mushrooms that gave it additional texture.


2 orders Sea Scallops @ $21.95 each

served with butternut squash, brussel sprouts, hazelnuts & brown butter

I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the scallops. Not only was it the best dish of the night, Meep who is sitting right next to me ordered it! The scallops were not big in size (a tad bigger than a quarter) and there were about 5 of them. Seasoned very well and seared nicely. It was very surprising because it didn’t look like much. The butternut squash puree was sweet and went surprisingly well with the nicely salted n briney scallops. As weird as it all sounds, everything went well together – in addition to the crushed hazelnuts & charred brussel sprouts.


2 orders Seared Atlantic Salmon @ $19.95

served with pommes puree, mushrooms, pearl onions & red wine sauce

This dish was highly recommended by the server but was quite disappointing. It was inconsistent, with one plate swimming in sauce while the other barely had any. Salmon was seasoned well but way overcooked. Mushrooms & potatoes were not bad – seasoned well. This dish as a whole is underwhelming.


Pan Seared Cod (Poisson Du Jour) $28.95

A very simple but well put together dish. The cod was seasoned and cooked well. I only had a bite of the fish and a tad of the spinach n sauce so I honestly don’t have much details about the dish. The lemon caper sauce was tangy and went well with the fish. And the spinach that came with the dish was amazing.


Roast Chicken & Frites $19.95

All natural half chicken, bacon, mushrooms & pearl onions

Very well roasted chicken – nice crisped skin and well seasoned throughout. It definitely tasted like it was brined because meat was moist and flavourful. It had subtle herby flavor, I believe it was Thyme.

Served with their signature fries which were good but a little excessive in quantity. I am more partial to thick cut fries so I was not crazy bout them. They were very crispy and tasted fresh cut.


Steak Bernaise $24.95

Both their signature steaks, which are striploins that have been pounded till they’re flat were pretty disappsointing. I found them to be quite chewy and tough to e even when cooked to mediums rare. Tht said, the steak was seasoned well and cooked to requested temperature.

The Bernaise was broken so it left an unpleasant layer of film at the roof of my mouth. Flavourwise it was good – tangy, rich and herb-y.


Steak Classique $24.95

I appreciate the simply seasoned steak with a nice butter compound that gave the meat an extra dimension of flavour. But like the steak bernaise, the steak was a tad tough (eventhough it is cooked medium rare) and chewy.


Bone In Ribeye $39.95

22 oz rib eye that is cooked to the requested temperature of medium rare and served with bearnaise sauce. It has a nice crust from grilling and was very well seasoned. The meat itself was a tad disappointing – it was OK for the most part but a tad grainy. I don’t know what makes steak grainy, but it was not so pleasant…


Banana Foster $8.95

I really enjoyed the crepe – it was thin and had nice crisped edges with a caramel soaked centre and caramelised bananas. Extremely large serving so it was perfect for sharing. The. Vanilla ice cream was pretty good.

Creme Brulee $7.95

Disappointing dessert. Although it was a large serving, I found it very egg-y, lumpy and tasted like it was made with crappy vanilla. We had nine people and stil, there was some left behind.


Profiteroles $7.95

Not bad but nothing exciting. Very ordinary eggy pastry stuffed with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.



Garlic Spinach $4.95 – Delicious! One of the best items of the night was this well seasoned and cooked garlic spinach.
1 Glass Vouvray $9.50
2 Pepsi $3.50 each
1 Blue Moon $5.95
1 Heineken $5.95
3 Coffees $3.95 each
Cafe Au Lait $3.75
Latte $4.95




Total Damage: 472.24 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

The food did not wow us but it was a great spot for the number of people (9 ppl) we had and their prices were very reasonable (even for Vegas). I am still a huge fan of their Brunch!

Our server Sarah was great. She was very busy, but still fairly attentive. The bussers were great and consistently cleared dishes, topped our water and got our server when we needed her.

Definitely give it a shot for a nice dinner that won’t break the bank!




Mon Ami Gabi

3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 944 4224

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