Cafe Vettro – Las Vegas, NV

Cafe Vettro is a 24 hour establishment located in Aria.

The only reason we ended up eating here was because it was in Aria and we had to walk past Aria to get to the strip from Vdara. I was hungry and getting a tad grumpy so Meep suggested just eating there when we saw the restaurant. It was packed at 1 pm on a Sunday. The restaurant is massive and impressive looking with the floor to ceiling windows.

Menu is very extensive with full pages filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner items and even an all day breakfast menu and a long list of beverages.

We ordered:

3 Egg, Sausage, Hashbrowns & Toast $14

The eggs were cooked well and the sausages were delicious. The sausages taste really fresh and had a nice snap to it.  I guess it is hard to screw up simple eggs and sausages it was still very satisfying. I didn’t care much for the hashbrowns. It was missing the crisped edges and was just more soggy shredded potatoes.

I quite enjoyed the toast. I love Texas cut toast and this was toasted nicely with soft centre! It was served with delicious blueberry and strawberry jam.


Fish & Chips $22

For a house specialty, the fish & chips was a huge disappointment. The fish was obviously pre frozen and water logged. It was also way overcooked and not very appetizing. The chips were soggy, which honestly not a huge problem for me because I have a thing for soggy fries but it did not appeal to Meep at all.




Orange Juice $7.50 – Minute maid OJ eventhough the menu said it was fresh squeezed and was $7.50?!
Coffee $4.50 – not bad, and I appreciate having the little thermos on the table so I didn’t have to flag someone for refills.




Total Damage: $60 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.25 out of 5 (Pretty Average)

To be fair, the breakfast was actually pretty good but the fish and chips were dismal! Fish was definitely pre frozen and fries came out soggy (I love soggy fries but to be fair to the french fries – they should be served crispy on the outside)

Prices are all over the place. For Vegas, $14 for a 3 egg breakfast seems like a great deal but $7.50 for an OJ in a cafe?? And $22 for mediocre fish & chips was quite disappointing.

Service was mediocre but that is probably because they were overwhelmed and packed on Christmas Day. The restaurant is massive but the bussers could not clean the tables fast enough so there was about a 15 minute wait for table. Then a good 15 minutes before we could get our orders through. The coffee cup I was served was dirty! o_O I was quite put off and the server just said “Oh, your cup is dirty, let me change it” after I have had half a cup of coffee and was turned off, no apology or surprise on her part.




Cafe Vettro

3739 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(877) 230 2742

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