Housewife’s Tale episode 34

Lotsa cooking this week. I have not tried something new yet. 🙁 I am out of ideas and can be a picky eater; making this almost an impossible feat when it comes to trying out new dishes.

For week 34 menu.


Sunday – Japanese night. More like an impromptu sushi making evening. I tried making unagi/eel sauce as well. They were always used on rolls in some places, I decided to try make it.

I used this recipe from Sushi Day.

Unagi sauce:

1/2 cup mirin (sweet rice wine)

1/2 cup shoyu (soy sauce)

1/4 cup sugar

and 1 cup dashi (optional)


I drizzled the Eel sauce on top of my california roll~ Also made shrimp tempura rolls, Spicy crab rolls, Crispy california rolls.

For the tempura, I used this recipe from Sushi Day as well. I have to say, this tempura batter was pretty kick-ass.


As for the spicy mayo in the crab roll, just a simple mixture of Sriracha, tobiko, mayo and a little condense milk.

Then I made these udon topped with these bonito shavings.




Monday – Chicken souvlaki, hummus and freshly baked pita! I have been wanting to attempt making my own pita.


I got so excited when I saw them poof up in the oven. And they were tasty too!!!


For dessert, I made us some chocolate lava cake. I have been craving chocolate all day so decided to whip these up~


mmmMMMMmmm chocolate heaven!




Tuesday –  I went for yoga for the first time today. I am still undecided about whether I like yoga or not. I am going to try out a few more variations of classes before ruling out yoga~

We stopped by the Vietnamese market and picked up a mackerel.


Simply seasoned with salt, pepper and grilled. With beans and king mushrooms.



Wednesday – Went out for breakfast then the mall w M. Got home pretty late, and didn’t feel like cooking. So we had instant noodles! =P




Thursday – I saw some awesome spare ribs at the market. I have had this bottle of black bean in my pantry for months, so black bean spare rib experiment 1!

Meep really liked it and we both polished over over 1 1/2 lb of ribs!


Watercress soup~ I used this recipe from Noob Cook as a base. But I omitted the ginseng, added pork ribs along with the chicken.




Friday – Crawdaddy!!! S & A invited us to Crawdaddy. It was an awesome place. You order pounds and pounds of seafood that comes in plastic bags. The get down and dirty peeling these yummy spicy cajun crawfish and shrimps.



2 pounds of shrimp and crawfish, some louisiana sausages and corn later….Look at the insane amount of shells!




Saturday – Had to use up this half chicken that I had sitting in my freezer. Since I did not defrost the chicken in time to marinate or do anything with it. I boiled it for chicken rice!


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