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SK & A needed me to help them out with an “errand” on one early Monday morning, which was completed right before 11 am. After that was all done, we were trying to decide on what to have for lunch (my service fee was to be paid in food!! LOL jk~). While driving back to their place, we passed by Frjtz and A suggested having lunch there.

There are actually two locations; one in Mission on Valencia and another in Hayes Valley where we ate.

The restaurant is deceptively large, with every corner is an expansion into another room! The decor itself is interesting (random superheroes hanging out w some plants in display cases embedded into the wall).

Ordering is done at the counter.

Menu features all the Belgian favourite – fries, crepes, mussels and even some salads. Check out all the different sauces that you can pick to accompany the thick cut fresh cut fries.

We ordered:

Large Fries $5.75

The large fries are served with 2 selection of sauces and we picked Chipotle Mayo & Bacon Mayo

The fries were really good – definitely tasted like potatoes with super crispy exterior and fluffy centres. Served piping hot and went well with the creamy sauces. I loved the bacon mayo – it was definitely mayo with bacon bits. The chipotle mayo was really good with a nice kick to it.


The Frjtz Burger $9.50

Free range burger served with caramelized onions, chipotle remoulade & ginger hoisin slaw

The burger was as unappealing as it looks. The patty was pasty, and it looked and tasted like it was boiled. It was so dry, grainy and bland that even with the remoulade (and extra remoulade I added using the one that came with our fries) it did not taste any better. The slaw tasted like cabbage tossed in greasy marinade that I make with sesame oil, ginger and oyster sauce. The bun was a tad blah – hard and heavy.


Italica $13

Tomato basil sauce, garlic, parsley & red pepper flakes

I was surprised at the giant bowl of mussels that was served (especially for $13). The mussels were prepared very well – tender & briny with just enough flavour from the seasoning. It was light yet flavourful and the crusty bread that it was served with was great for dipping into the broth.



Root Beer
Orangina $2.75




Total Damage: ~$37 (including tax)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty Darn Good)

For the most part, the stuff we tried were prepared well and tasted really fresh. Prices were really reasonable and service was good (at least when we ordered and got served). Food was served shortly after ordering and were all generous quantities.

I would definitely go back to give the rest of the menu a shot.





581 Hayes Valley
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415)  864 7654

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