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The first time I tried coming to Gochi was almost a year ago but got the address wrong and we ended up eating at TomiSushi instead. This time around, I made sure to triple check the address and with our newer smarter GPS and 2 smart phones, we were able to find it with no problem!

On CL’s very last night, we decided to take her here for some Bay Area Izakaya since it has such great reviews on Yelp and some of my friends. A few hours before eating here, we just finished a 10 piece fried chicken platter and rice at 99 chicken and I was still full so we didn’t try as many dishes as I would have liked.

They take reservations up to 8 pm, and then it is walk in only. We got there at about 9.15 and it was pretty packed, last orders were taken at about 9.45. Wear shoes that are convenient because they are to be taken off before getting seated.

Menu has everything! Deep fried, Braised, Baked, Raw meats & seafood along with Pizza, Rice, Noodles, Stews and Desserts!!!

Daily specials!


We ordered:

Gyutan Shioyaki $7.50

Salt broiled beef tongue

Delicious! I love the texture of thinly sliced beef tongue, a little crunchy and chewy but flavourwise, it is like salty thin slices of beef.


Aigamo Steak $12.50

Duck breast with hatcho-miso balsamic sauce

The duck was broiled to a nice medium/medium rare; super tender and seasoned very well. The sauce on the other hand was extremely salty and tasted strange. I didn’t care for the sauce and ended up scraping the sauce of the duck slices.


Kurobuta Chashu $7.50

Barbeque kurobuta pork belly thinly sliced and topped with scallions

Tender, fatty beef smothered in a sweet and salty sauce that is very Japanese (mirin & soy mainly). Again, this dish is extremely salty and I could not eat more than one slice. It was disappointing because the meat was very tender with layers of melt in your mouth fat.


Gindara Muniero $12.50

Pan sauteed black cod fillet drizzled with plum soy sauce

The fish was cooked very well, it was moist and flaked beautifully. It was firm yet melted in the mouth and was fatty and rich. Again, I didn’t care for the sauce – it has intense sweet plum flavours but a strange aftertaste when mixed with soy and butter (or whatever that taste like butter and fatty). After scraping the sauce off the fish, it was delicious but the sauce was VERY salty. It was pretty inedible sauce.


Botan Ebi Sashimi $14.50

Spot Prawn Sashimi

CL has been talking about deep fried shrimp heads all night before we head over to Gochi and so when we got there, the first thing she asked was if they served deep fried shrimp heads by the plate! They didn’t but mentioned that if we ordered the spot prawn sashimi, they can deep fry the heads for us.

The order came with 5 pieces. The sashimi was delicious!! Usually I am turned off by prawn sashimi because they are very slimy but spot prawns not slimy, quite firm and extremely sweet.

The shrimp heads were delicious! Battered and then deep fried till it is so crispy, every single part of the head could be consumed, like a salty shrimp cracker!


Unagi Meshi $21.50

Barbequed fresh water eel over crispy rice

The server suggested this because it was one of their top picks. The portion size was big for what they say serve 2 individuals! It would served 4 comfortably, especially with the amount of dishes we ended up ordering. The eel was very good; moist, sweet and salty. I felt the dish needed more sauce because once it is all mixed up, it was a tad lacking… I am not a huge fan of crispy rice bits because they get stuck in the teeth but Meep loves the extra texture.


Sweet Potato Custard w Vanilla Ice Cream $6.50

This was quite misleading because when served, it just looked like half a baked sweet potato topped with ice cream (and it nothing like the description – custard). It actually ended up being (or I think so) sweet potato that they scooped up and mashed it, then added stuff to it and baked it back in the “shell” so the centre was very creamy and delicious but the exterior parts just taste like regular sweet potato.


Green Tea Creme Brulee $6.50

Delicious; it was creamy and smooth with hints of green tea. I would have prefered the green tea to be more prominent but it was still very good.



Coke (2 orders) $4
House Sake $5




Total Damage: $127 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

The menu is extremely extensive so it made it very difficult to decide on what to order and could be a hit or miss. Half the dishes I really enjoyed, the other half had their own execution issues. Prices were not as cheap as other izakaya joints and quite all over the place. Some dishes were great deals for the portion and quality of ingredient while others seem a tad overpriced.

Definitely a drinking joint, with extensive list of drink options.

Service was great! From the moment we walked in till the end of our meal – every server was attentive and we were never in need of anything. Eventhough they close at 10 pm, they were pretty accommodating with us especially when we walked in at 915 pm and hung around till after 10 pm.




Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas

19980 E Homestead Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 725 0542

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