Ramen Dojo – San Mateo, CA

Ramen Dojo!! After hearing about this place for over a year and having a hard time convincing the other half to wait 45 minutes for a bowl of ramen (and driving 30 minutes to get there); I finally got to try it!! CL’s top ten favourite meals of all time is Ramen and would always hit up ramen joints when she visits Vancouver so I knew that we had to go try it together when she’s in town and that is what we did!

Met up w A (who works a mere 2 minutes away!) for a quick lunch and we got there at about 10.50 am (they open at 11.30 am) on a Monday morning and there was already a few people waiting in line. By the time they opened, the line has grown to about 30 people!!

The restaurant is tiny!! Doesnt seem to seat more than 25 diners at a time.

Menu is very straightforward – Pick a broth, add additional toppings (on top of what is already offered)  and a couple side dishes. Nothing too fancy and all very reasonably priced.


We ordered:

2 orders Garlic Pork Flavour Extra Spicy ($9.50) w Extra Pork ($1.50)

I don’t know if it was the fact that the girls ordered extra spicy and so I can’t seem to taste anything other than heat or my taste buds were distracted by the garlic oil but I can’t really taste much other than salt, garlic and heat. The broth was topped with the black garlic oil that has a little bitter aftertaste.


Mild Soy Bean Flavour ($9.50) w Extra Quail Egg ($1)

Noodles were cooked perfectly! A little more cooked than al dente and less chewy than the noodles at Santouka and more delicate.

The soup was delicious!! Best miso ramen I have had to date – it was really rich and full bodied; porky with intense miso flavours but not overly salty with a nice additional garlicky edge. There were also bits that seemed like minced chicken that just dissolves into the soup.

The pork slices was tender and melt in your mouth fat. Deliciously satisfying and two slices was more than enough for me but my friends enjoyed the extra slices! The quail eggs are hard boil but the yolk are smoother and more delicate than the chicken egg and so it was just as yummy as the medium boiled eggs at other places.







Total Damage: $45 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Very good)

I totally understand why the fans would wait over half an hour for a bowl of ramen and I have to say, I have joined the club! It will definitely be challenging to find a place that would satisfy my craving for miso ramen from now on but it is definitely the best I have had to date. I hate to say I am not as crazy about the garlic pork ramen as most are because of the black garlic oil – which has a bitter afternote I am not crazy about.

The prices are very reasonable especially for the amount of noodles and toppings and even the additional toppings are not overpriced like most ramen establishments.

Our server is really sweet and very efficient. We got our orders taken even before the doors opened for diners and got served shortly after sitting down. As we ate, the line outside grew with the second batch of diners.

I would go back in a heartbeat.




Ramen Dojo

805 S B Street
San Mateo, CA 94401

(650) 401 6568

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