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We are on Day 3 of CL’s visit and I have made it my personal mission to try to satisfy every craving that she had (because that would be my main objective if I ever went on vacation away from Edmonton). The most random thing that she kept craving for was congee/rice porridge; I didn’t understand it since I never go out for congee (at least not since I had the time to make my own).

Ended up at Sui Tofu totally by dumb luck – first drove to Ramen Tenma but then realised they were closed Tuesdays so opted for some Korean Fried Chicken but Bon Chon was closed so it was 99 Chicken – and Sui Tofu happened to be right next door with neon signs saying “porridge”!.

The restaurant was packed at about 11.30 am on a weekday with a lot of engineer looking types dining there.

Menu is fairly extensive with their signature porridge options on a full page and different rice sets follow. The lunch specials are printed on a separate sheet.

We had:


The Banchan were all light and very well prepared – I did miss my favourite fish cake slices but could not get enough of the Cabbage Kimchi and Cucumber Kimchi – both were still very crisped and very very good.


Gom Tang $7.99

CL mentioned that Gom Tang usually just taste the same regardless of where she gets them but the difference is in the meat. I have had this a couple times at other places and they were all definitely similar. Milky broth that has subtle beef flavours from beef bone and seasoned at your own discretion.

The Gom Tang here did not come with any meat at all, which was disappointing but still hit the spot.


Abalone $10.99

Porridge made with rice & abalone with mushroom

The porridge is made with short grain rice and is very thick. It definitely had the distinct abalone and shiitake mushroom flavours. It tasted even better with the braised beef in salty sauce that is served on the side. I didn’t know what the veggies in the pickled liquid were for and left it as is.




Total Damage: $25 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 ( Good)

The food was all tasty and hearty! It was above regular home cooking and came in good portions and reasonable prices. Service was excellent! Eventhough the place filled up really quickly during lunch time, the ladies were all very attentive and always checked back to make sure we were doing fine. I had to ask for more banchan and they gladly obliged.

Definitely a good lunch place with great lunch specials and efficient service.




Sui Tofu

2777 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408)  261 2777

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