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After a “run” at the Marina, A made reservations for brunch at Baker & Banker for 1130 am on a Sunday. I am so glad she managed to make a last minute reservation because those without reservations were waiting an average of 45 minutes for a table!! We had dinner here a couple months back and quite enjoyed it and have heard great things about their brunch so I was pretty psyched about eating here.

Menu is short and concise; with each item more appealing than the next!


We ordered:

Sticky Bun $7

It is quite a crime when one is charged $7 for a sticky bun AND it is not mindblowing. Not that this sticky bun was not good, it was actually one of the better ones I have had but not $7 good. It is dense and my favourite was the centre parts where it is quite moist and not overly sweet even with the glaze.


French Toast Bread Pudding $12

w banana foster, creme fraiche & toasted pecans

Best thing of the day!! I think the bread pudding is made with the same dough as their sticky bun but way better because it is moist and soft. Topped with caramelized bananas and light creme fraiche – amazing!!! I dare say it is as good as the French Toast bread pudding I have had at Bouchon if not better!


Brisket Hash $16

w poached eggs, roasted root vegetables and romesco sauce

Another good dish! The poached eggs were really good – runny dark yellow yolk with a shell of soft egg whites. I am usually not a fan of poached eggs because usually the egg whites are quite rubbery and have a strange texture on the exterior but this was silky and delish!

The brisket was tender and packful of flavour and the roasted root vegetables added a nice earthiness while the romesco freshens everything up. It all went together quite well. I actually quite enjoyed having roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes instead of the usual pan fried potatoes.


Seared 4505 Burger $14 w Egg $2

served on housemade brioche, roasted garlic aioli & french fries

I didn’t try the burger, but it is one of their most ordered items. It seemed a little too red when A cut it in half but she seemed to enjoy it just fine. I really liked the french fries though – crispy on the outside with soft centre.



3 Orange Juice @ $5 each – Fresh squeezed!!! *loves*
Four Barrel French Press Coffee $4 – A little too small in serving size (I need a lot of coffee in the morning) but it was good coffee.



Total Damage: $93 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

Service was very good but quite distant- that could probably be because they were packed and a 45 minute wait for diners without a reservation was slowly growing outside the restaurant. That said, they were very efficient and our food came out quite soon after ordering.

Food was pricey (especially the baked items) but they were top notched quality and fairly worth it. I don’t know if I would wait more than half hour to dine here but if we get reservations, I wouldn’t mind eating here more often~




Baker & Banker

1701 Octavia Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 351 2500

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