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For my official welcome lunch, someone at my division set up lunch at Town in San Carlos! I was pretty psyched about eating here since A mentioned it was really good and when I looked it up, it seemed to be quite popular.

The restaurant has both indoor and patio seating – inside the seats are mostly booths and bar, which was quite inconvenient for the group since we ended up seating in an L shaped booth making conversation with everyone quite challenging.

Lunch Menu is a two pager showcasing their “Power Lunch Special”, salads, sandwiches, meat entrees and a good range of starters as well.


I tried:

Cheesy La Brea Garlic Bread $4

Best starter of the day!! It is actually one of the best garlic breads I have ever had.. the bread was very soft topped with rich cheese and butter and of course was very garlicky as well. I was almost sad I had to share this!!


Spicy #1 Ahi Tuna Roll $8.95

Spicy tuna, avocado, serrano rings, sweet soy glaze, wasabi sauce, crushed wasabi peas & ponzu sauce

Meh.. I didn’t really care much for the tuna roll. The rice was very sticky with mushy spicy tuna. There was barely any avocado and the rest of the condiments did nothing for the roll – the wasabi sauce was just pure wasabi, while the crushed wasabi peas were just hard and got stuck in my teeth.


Philly Cheese Steak Spring Roll $12

Spiced steak, Provolone & American cheese, Horseradish cream sauce & Spicy ketchup

Delicious! As unappealing as this looked, it was the pretty darn good! There was more cheese than meat in the spring roll but the cheese was all gooey with a crispy shell! The horseradish cream cut into the fatty cheese quite well and the spicy ketchup just tasted like regular ketchup but was good with the spring roll as well. We were told this was their top selling starter and I could see why.


Flier’s Teriyaki Skirt Steak $23

Teriyaki marinated skirt steak, garlic mashed potatoes, chile glazed green beans and crispy onion rings

The steak was extremely tender and marinated through and through. It tasted more like Korean marinated beef (sweet & salty) rather than Teriyaki and was a tad oversalty. It was grilled so had some nice grill marks and a smoky flavour. The steak was on top of some mash potatoes that were very good – it was smooth like potato puree but not as runny and seasoned very well. The beans didn’t have any hints of chile but tasted like they have been sauteed with some soy and was very greasy.

The onions rings were a big disappointment – cold and soggy. None of the 3 diners ate their crispy onions.


Chicken & Ribs Combo $23

Spit roasted chicken & Half slab of BBQ ribs, coleslaw and french fries

The chicken was very good; it was so moist and tender – it tasted like it was marinated through or at least brined with flavours penetrating even the meat and not just the skin. The meat fell off the bone with no effort.

The ribs were a little bit of a let down. It was tender and fell off the bone but the sauce was too sweet and salty. But that could be because I am not the biggest fan of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce and this was basically that.



Power Berry Cooler
$4 – Sounded great when our server describe it but it was not to my taste. There seemed to be more lime than berries in the sparkling drink. Very refreshing but too sour for my taste.




Total Damage: N/A

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

Thanks to the team and the company for this awesome lunch!! I have to say, I have been extremely spoiled; with the informal lunch and this nice formal welcome lunch – there are definitely good eats near work AND knowing that my colleagues are food lovers is the icing on the cake!

The service was very slow… if we were in a rush, we would never have been able to eat and take off in an hour. We ended up being there for over a couple hours (mainly coz we stuck around chatting but also because food took a good twenty minutes to get served). It also took our server very long to come by and get our orders and drinks took over 10 minutes after ordering to arrive. It is definitely not the best place for lunch if we had time constraints.

Note (05/11/2013) – You can now order online or through your phone! Great for work lunch options (pick up) especially when you don’t feel like the boring options of sandwiches/fast food but don’t have time to sit around and enjoy a lunch/wait for your take-out.





716 Laurel Street
San Carlos, CA94070

(650) 595 3003

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