Housewife`s Tale episode 37

week 37 week 37 week 37!!!!


Sunday – I had a mad craving for Indian food, so Meep brought me to Taj Palace. I like Taj Palace mainly because of this Lamb curry and Naan they have (heaven!). Meep has asked me before why I don’t cook Indian food at home; I have accepted the fact that I will never ever be able to cook authentic Indian food.  I am just glad that we have access to good Indian restaurants here~

We both had the buffet and order Lamb briyani to go (so he can pack some for lunch, and I don’t have to cook lunch).




Monday – Didn’t feel like cooking anything fancy since it was 2 days to my exam. Meep brought me to Safeway, and I saw these awesome yellow, orange and red bell peppers on sale so I got some.

Bell peppers, onions and beef = black pepper beef!


Some broccoli and king mushrooms as greens!




Tuesday – No cooking for this housewife! The next day is exam day!! I am halfway through the CPA exams (provided I pass, lol). YAY!!!

I love MacDonalds when I am studying. Burgers and Mcnuggets always makes me feel warm n fuzzy inside. Not to forget soggy salty fries~




Wednesday – I had problems sleeping all night Tuesday, went into the exam with barely 1 hr of REM sleep.

As if the day couldn’t get any worse, I went to the mall for some retail therapy and bought some tops.. Instead of waiting for Meep to pick me up when he got off work, I decided to go home early to sleep… only to find out I forgot my keys!!

So I had to buzz myself in the front gate and wait for meep to come home from work. He had to go in to work past 1130 am so that he can drop me off for the exam, AND had to come home early coz I locked myself out. NOT my brightest moment. 🙁

Finally got to take a nap and woke up past 11 pm, hence a late night dinner for us. I cooked rice couples night ago, w the intentions of making fried rice yesterday but ended up using it tonight for kimchi fried rice.



Thursday – Stress of the exams is done (at least till July). 🙂 Means I can go back to spending hours in grocery stores and cooking. First off, I decided on making a balance meal~ meat, veggies and a soup is a balanced meal in my books~

Ginger pork cooked with Shaoxing wine!


Broccoli and mushrooms braised in abalone sauce


Soft tofu stew w beef and 3 kinds of mushrooms




Friday – The sun was out and I was feeling pretty happy~ Went out for a walk around downtown; got myself some frozen yoghurt and picked up some groceries. Got some awesome bratwurst and decided to bbq them~




Saturday – Went to SF with Meep. I was pretty excited because my favourite store has a 20% Memorial day sale~ I was hoping to find some good deals (which I did)~

Then we had Vietnamese pho for lunch and dinner was instant noodles for me and Roti John for Meeps. Roti John is a popular street food in Brunei that consisted of these long hot dog buns cooked on top of a mixture of egg, meat n onions. Served w spicy mayo~



That is it for week 37. More weeks to come~

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