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DK suggested eating here on one of our dinner “dates” since we both live in San Jose downtown and this is one of his favourite places. I have not been inclined to try out Mexican restaurants around SJ, which is prolly a crime since I was told we have some good places around. I just don’t know about the food enough to be fair with the reviews but there is always a first time, right?

I did not know what to make of their choice of deco:

Menu is very extensive with appetizers, soups, rice and other specials.

There cocktail menu is very extensive as well:

We had:

Complimentary Chips & Mole

And we appreciated the complimentary chips with the three moles. The moles were decent but not great.


Chapulines $6.95

Sauteed grasshoppers with garlic, lime & salt and served with a side of guacamole and tortilla chips.

I jus had to try the fried grasshoppers (chapulines) and so we did. It was better than I expected, a strange aftertaste but pretty good with the chips and salsa. The grasshoppers were fried so they were pretty crispy and lime so it is really tangy. The chips were good!! Reminded me of the ones we get at Mi Pueblo. The guacamole was not bad but nothing exciting and too runny (my personal preference is chunky guacamole)


Enmoladas w Chicken $12.95

Sauteed corn tortilla with Mole Negro, Onions, Choice of Meat w Oaxacan herbs.

I didn’t try this but DK seemed to really enjoy it~


Seabass $16.95

Fresh grilled Seabass over a bed of sauteed spinach, corn, bacon & cherry tomatoes

Sea bass, which was delicious. Fish wasn’t the best quality n tasted pre frozen but it was not fishy at all. The rice it was served with was the star! Seasoned rice sautéed with corn, bacon bits, green beans and tasted like it was cooked in stock. A tad greasy but delicious nonetheless.


Chicken Flautas $9.95

Corn tortillas with chicken served with guacamole & sour cream

Was not sure what to expect but turned out to be a rolled up tortilla that is deep fried which chicken in the middle. The chicken was minced and the ratio of tortilla to chip was way off – too much tortilla and barely any chicken. Unlike the guacamole that came with the grasshoppers, this was chunky and delicious! The rice is also seasoned and pretty tasty!

Black beans (served with the entrees)

The black beans on the side was delicious!! It was cooked through, packful of flavour and topped with some creamy light cheese.


Oaxacan Chocolate Cake $7.95

Way better than expected – it was a fudge like cake, dense and rich with intense dark chocolate flavours. The ice cream was not bad either.


Crepes $7.95

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this! Reminded me of something I had as a kid, so simple yet so satisfying. It was just a deep fried piece of some kind of dough so it is crispy like a chip but lighter. Drizzled with an insanely sweet fruity syrup that was really good with the plain and very lightly salted “crepe”.



Don Amado Anejo $14 – a type of Mezcal
Cocktail Donaji $9 – cocktail made with house mezcal, very potent and citrusy.



Overall Damage: $115 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Pretty Good)

Decent food, great service with very generous pours of alcohol in drinks, what’s not to like? Our server was really personable and on top of our needs. The prices are not cheap especially since one expects this cuisine to be more on the cheaper end. That said, we did splurge a little with my choice of entree, the drinks and desserts. I am not well versed with the different moles but this is one the places that serves decent mole (so I was told).





25 W San Fernando Street
San Jose, CA 95113

(408) 283 9595

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