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After running at Fort Mason (because the ladies are suppose to get in shape for their marathons coming up), we decided reward ourselves with some good eats. Originally, the plan was to go for some dim sum but we ended up pigging out on some Roli Roti chicken and was OK to wait till 2.30 pm for the next available table at Lovejoy’s.

I was speechless the moment I walked in the door – I felt like I was transported back in time to some old grandma’s living room in the UK. This quaint little room was packed with random knick knacks on the walls, shelves and there is even a display of tea cups in all shapes and sizes. I was always a little disappointed that I missed Afternoon Tea at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England when I was there BUT this would be what I pictured that tea to be like. :)


Amazing tea selection:

We had the High Tea Set $19.95:

Each high tea set comes with a choice of two sandwiches (cut into quarters), served with coleslaw, Organic Spring Greens, Scone, Preserves, Devon Cream & Shortbread tea biscuit. We had 4 high tea sets and so were able to try 8 different sandwiches.

Instead of writing a little about each sandwich and sounding repetitive, I just summarized it:

My top picks were:
Chicken Apple Walnut Salad
Artichoke Hummus
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Not the best but still very good:
Smoked Turkey & Dijon Mustard
Pear & Stilton
Chicken & Asparagus

Daily Special: Cranberry & Turkey

Not very good: Bay Shrimp & Mayo

All the sandwiches were made fresh and so the bread was delicious – so soft and airy with the crust removed (YES!! I don’t eat bread crust and seeing this made me happy since I don’t have to peel them off and seem extremely picky).

The scones were amazing! So buttery and served warm; it was even better with the devon cream which to me is like a cross between whipped butter and whipped cream! The preserves were good too. I would come back just for these any day! The shortbread tea biscuits were a tad disappointing as I expected them to be more buttery.

The salad and coleslaw were more like fillers, nothing exciting but kinda helps balance out all the carbs from the sandwiches.




Total Damage: ~$24 per person (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very Good)

The service was excellent; so attentive and warm without overbearing. The ladies with their cute aprons checked backed on us regularly and made sure teapots were always filled. Our server was very patient in explaining all the different afternoon tea sets, the types of tea and was even kind enough to accommodate my request for a large coffee instead of tea at not extra charge! The large coffee was enough for 4 cups of coffee and came in a french press.

A lot of food and great quality for the price. The food is nothing fussy, just well made and fresh ingredients. Some might argue it is pricey for just a pot of tea and sandwiches but it is all about the experience. I quite enjoyed the lazy afternoon feeling of sitting in your grandma’s living room and chatting with the ladies over some food and drinks. I would come back in a heart beat if it was not so hard to get a table in this tiny little place.




Lovejoy’s Tea Room

1351 Church Street,
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 648 5895

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