Daniel Boulud Brasserie (CLOSED) – Las Vegas

More Vegas restaurants! I wished I had 4 stomachs so that I could try the laundry list of good restaurants in Vegas. I had to give up eating at Joe’s Steak & Stone crab restaurant to eat here.

Reasoning? Well, this place is closing down (apparently due to Wynn not renewing the lease and plans of opening a Seafood themed restaurant in its place) so I figured we might as well head over since it is uncertain if Daniel Boulud would open another restaurant in Vegas.

Daniel Boulud Brasserie offers French food and has been awarded 1 michelin star and countless good reviews from other food guides. ­čÖé

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated in this nice table next to the windows facing the Lake of Dreams. We asked about the patio seating; but apparently because of a heat warning, the terrace was closed. When we were making small talk, Meep mentioned my food obsession to our server, Jake. He enthusiastically offered to take me around the restaurant and I jumped at the opportunity…

Here are a couple shots I took (not great but gives an idea of the place)

from the front of the restaurant

It was empty when we got there (6 pm) and it filled up fast!

Private dining area

Banquet room


Awesome kitchen and very friendly staff~ The bar picture and wine storage area didn’t turn out very well but these were ok~.

Like all the other restaurants at the Wynn, there is a “Taste of Wynn” 3course prix fixe menu for $49. We decided to try the prix fixe menu and some other items.

Our server Jake made sure to give us side plates for every course so that we could share everything. Their 40 oz rib eye for $105 really caught my eye but because Meep and I like our meats at different temperatures we couldn’t make it happen.

We had a nice table by the window that looks out to the Lake of Dreams. I have read good things about the light show that goes on in the evenings but we missed it.  Another server suggested we finished dinner and grab drinks at the outdoor bar in front of the lake (which we did do on our last evening there)

Here goes the menu:


east & west coast oysters, lobster, shrimp,
littleneck clams, peekytoe crab, mussels,
tuna tartare, ceviche

starter: Shellfish Plateau $72 (picture taken by our server Jake!) ­čÖé

east & west coast oysters, lobster, shrimp, littleneck clams, peekytoe crab, mussels, tuna tartare, ceviche

My favourite was the crabmeat, tuna tartare, oysters and the shrimp. All so juicy and fresh!!!


1st course of Prix Fixe

Duck Terrine – foie gras, pistachio, country toast

Nothing exciting but not bad. The pickled greens on the side were interesting… but tasted good with ├é┬áthe terrine.


Appetiser of ala carte menu: Escargots -$18

Burgundy snails, black trumpet mushrooms, spetzle topped with parsley chantilly. (there is also a little flan surprise at the bottom!)

I had to ask Jake if this was meant to be so oily. I thought the grease was a bit much until I got to the middle and got a piece of the flan at the bottom. OMG, that was when it all made sense and was soooo good!


2rd course of prix fixe- Steak Frites

8 oz. sirloin, onion compote and the BEST french fries ever! I could ├é┬ánot stop eating the fries… I was full at this point but they were addictive!


Desserts: We both ordered coffees, which I thought were really good! The coffee here is so far the best “restaurant” coffee I have had (even better than the coffee we got the night before at Alex). I ordered the chocolate souffle of the ala carte menu.

The server was patiently waiting for me to take this picture before proceeding to “pop” the souffle and add the creme

Look at the creamy goodness and fresh berries and champagne gelee on the side.  This was good and not too sweet at all (sometimes chocolate dessert seems to be all sugar!).

Dessert from prix fixe:

Coconut sorbet and mango ice cream with little shortbread cookies.

Finally: complimentary petit fours, which I did not try at all because I was too full!  (a shocker!)

Happily walking out of the restaurant and one final picture:



Total damage – $220 (including tax & tip)

Personal rating – 4 out of 5 stars (very good)

Overall – The food was good. Nothing mindblowing here but still really good nonetheless. Service here rocked and the ambiance was perfect for a fun romantic dinner~




Daniel Boulud Brasserie

Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89136

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