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After driving into Gas Lamp from Temecula and checking in; we were a tad too lazy to get dressed up and make our way to Nobu so I canceled that reservation. I ended up picking Escape Fish Bar that was only a block or so away from our hotel. It was while strip of bars and restaurants and we almost walked right pass this little yellow restaurant.

I was a tad taken aback when I first walked in to the christmas lights, giant fish on the wall and mural of the other wall. It was super cute after a while – with rickety chairs and all. Reminded me of those restaurants along the beaches in Mexico or my Asian dramas!

Menu was fairly simple; with a few featured specials~

We ordered:

1/2 order Crab Cakes $7.50

Blue Crab, Bell peppers, Red Onion & Cilantro w Remoulade

I was disappointed with the crab cake. I wasn’t expecting big lump of crab since it is blue crab, which are naturally smaller than the Dungeness but the crab was little shreds of crab that just ended up being quite mushy and too reminiscent of canned crab meat.

The crust was nice and crispy but it didn’t really help with the mushy insides. I really liked the remoulade,  pickled cucumbers and jicama on the side.


Swordfish Taco $18

(Substitute fries instead of rice or potato salad) Tempura batter choice of fish wrapped in grilled tortillas with roasted pumpkin seed slaw, lime pickled jicama & onions w smoked chili avocado sauce.

I was torn between the fish and chips or the tacos so I got the best of both world since the tacos come with an option of getting it with battered fish. The fish had a super light crispy crust and was very fresh. Every bite was delish!! Crispy salty fish with creamy crunchy slaw and tangy pickled jicama – made for a great bite and the cilantro added a nice punch!

Since fish and chips is not the same without the chips – instead of the usual options I opted for fries were were really good!!!


Grilled Local White Seabass $25

w Cilantro Lime Rice and Double Horseradish Tartar Sauce

Amazingly fresh fish – seasoned very well and grilled. It was moist and flaked off beautifully. The rice was a tad strange, I think it is one of those things that one would either love or hate. It was greasy and rich, intense with cilantro and tangy from lime. I didn’t like it much but Meep quite enjoyed it. The whole dish was a tad too greasy but the pickled cucumbers help cut through the grease well.





Total Damage: $68 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

The prices did feel a little steep for such a “hole in the wall” vibe but the quality of the fish was pretty top notch. Nothing too mindblowing but pretty well prepared fresh food. The service was excellent and our server was very accommodating (I am not the easiest diner to please because I always want to try everything so I ask a lot of questions so I could satisfy as much of my curiousity as possible).



Escape Fish Bar

738 5th Ave,
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 702 9200

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