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This is probably the 5th time we have dined at R&G but I decided to write up another post since we had one of the banquet menus rather than just ordering our favourites off the regular menu.

Banquet choices range from $100 – $700. We went for something right in the middle:

We picked this menu that is right in the middle for $398


Starting with the:

Salt and Pepper Crab

Of course the banquet had to started with two of the famous Salt & Pepper crabs! I love this place for these crabs because crabs don’t get any fresher than this. And the batter is so crunchy and great to pick at, along with the perfectly deep fried crab brain that they always keep intact on the shell. OMG I am in heaven!!

Deep Fried Prawns with Honey Glazed Walnuts

Another staple that we always order at R&G or any good Cantonese restaurants. The crispy fried jumbo shrimps tossed in a sweet mayo and candied walnuts are fabulous as usual. Sweet, salty and crunchy – all the best combinations!

Scallops and Steak Cubes with Black Pepper Sauce

Hand’s down one of the top dishes of the night. I could say that about the previous two dishes too but it was a different kinda good. I could easily eat bowls and bowls of the fluffy white Jasmine rice and these tender pepper beef cubes and scallops. The veggies were barely fried in the wok, so they had some crunch and smokiness. But the sweet, salty, peppery beef and scallops were the bomb!

Braised Seafood Soup with Shark’s Fin

Not the best Shark Fin soup I have had but not the worst either. It was not bad but a tad runny and had more random bits of stuff and lotsa broth but not a lot of shark’s fin.

Peking Duck with Buns

If this was not suppose to be Peking duck, it would be flawless. The duck was juicy with nice crispy skin and hints of Chinese spices. Nothing wrong with it, and definitely one of my favourite dishes. That said, it is not quite Peking duck because the fat was not completely rendered off and the bones were still in place instead of having crispy skin sliced off and some meat with the bones and other random bits used for other dishes.

The bun were soft and sweet; perfect match with the salty duck and hoisin sauce.

Deep Fried Crispy Chicken

Well prepared, super crispy skin with all the fat nicely rendered off and tender, moist and salty chicken. It was either marinated or brined coz it was flavourful even at the thickest breast meat.

Veggie Abalone with Greens

I have to say, the vegetarian abalone made with tofu was one of the worst items I have ever had in R&G lounge. It was spongy and strange. The veggies were nicely blanched and lightly tossed in oyster sauce.

Steamed Live Fish

I was amazed at the sheer size of the fish, it was definitely a generous 3 – 4 lb fish that had to be cut in half to fit onto the plate. We were so full at this point that I wish this was the first dish that came out because the fish was the highlight for me. It was steamed perfectly, moist and tender with a nice salty and lightly sweet sauce with a nice punch from cilantro.

Golden Supreme Fried Rice
I actually forgot to take pictures of this but to be honest, it was nothing great. The rice was hard and actually quite greasy and bland. I don’t think any of the diners actually finished the fried rice especially when we had so many other dishes to finish

Braised E-FU noodles w Abalone $22

We also ordered and extra order of noodles with our menu, which is probably a bad idea because we ended up with so much leftover food! Almost the whole chicken was left and none of us finished both rice and noodles. I am not crazy about E-FU noodles, that said this was not too bad. It had nice abalone flavour and springy noodles but not any abalone that I could really bite into.


Red Bean dessert

My favourite dessert! So simple and even the worse restaurants can’t really screw it up. Strong orange peel flavours and sweet with lots of sago pearls and red beans.


4 Cokes @ $2 each
Tsing Tao $4.50

Total Damage: $550 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

I like R&G Lounge, definitely one of our to go places for Cantonese cuisine or when I feel like some fresh deep fried salt & pepper crab. Service is a hit or miss because they are always insanely busy. This time around, it was not too bad and food came out steadily with the crab always out within 10 minutes from ordering. Prices are definitely on the higher side but it is well worth it for the high quality ingredients used for their dishes and how fresh everything always taste when served.



R & G Lounge

631 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 982 7877

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