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Meep and I just got back from a weekend in Vegas. I was never a big fan of Las Vegas but this trip converted me. The first time, all we did was walk around every single hotel casino and check out “touristy” stuff.

This time around, I planned ahead and looked up restaurants I would love to try. Originally Alex was not on the list of restaurants but since we were staying at the Wynn Encore, Meep said we should try it out since we have never been to a real nice restaurant in a while.

I was beyond excited! My very first visit to a 2 Michelin star restaurant(one among many other awards this restaurant has managed to accumulate).

Alex is the namesake restaurant of James Beard Foundation award winner; Chef Alessandro Stratta. The cuisine is described as Italian with a French influence.

The restaurant entrance looked pretty intimidating.

As you walk down the steps from the front door, one would feel either really amazed or unimpressed. I was kinda in the middle. I thought it was a little stuffy (old fashion) but Meep liked the classic look.

This place has cute little touches tho. There are little baby chairs for the purses and the large floor to ceiling windows opens up the place~

Menu – Simple two page menu. You can ask for the “Taste of Wynn” menu which is a 3 course (u choose out of 2 choices) for $89. We both picked the prix fixe menu, which is 3 courses out the regular menu for $125. I was tempted to try the 7 course tasting menu for $185 but it looked almost excessive.



First off : Complimentary starters from the chef

(from top left to right)

Tuna tartare, deep fried ball of something, mushroom soup, cheese and crackers and a spoonful of saffron goodness w candied ginger topping.

2nd : Amuse bouche. An elegant rendition of a seafood chowder with a chunk of lobster and other unidentifiable stuff.

The pieces of seafood were really yummy but the broth was a little on the salty side.


3rd: Our 1st course

Pan roasted quail breasts w crispy leg and seared foie gras, poached quail egg n blini.

Look at the perfectly seared foie gras. I was never a big fan of foie gras but this was mindblowingly good with the egg.


1st course number 2.

Roasted Australian Langoustine with Artichokes, Summer Squash and Zucchini.

This was the best dish I have ever had in MY LIFE. Not kidding you… the langoustine was soooo good that I don’t know how to describe it. Better than any lobster I have ever had which is weird coz I always saw langoustines as giant tiger prawns or imitation lobsters. LOL


2nd course.

Roasted squab with Rhubarb and Foie Gras, sunchokes and cherry Barolo sauce. Another amazing dish. The squab tasted great and even better when I ate a bite with a little piece of foie gras.


2nd course #2

Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef with Crispy Potatoes, braised greens and Porcini Mushrooms.

This was the least appealing dish. Meep insisted on trying this, and we both were underwhelmed. The greens were too salty and the sauce was bitter.


Palate cleanser

Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta w tropical fruit topping.

This was really creamy and refreshing. I don’t think I have tasted anything this small and perfect in a while.


Dessert 1

Roasted Cherries with Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Ice Cream

Hazelnut Crisp with Frangelico Caramel and Cajeta Ice cream

Both desserts were decent but a little underwhelming in comparison to the starters.

The best part of these petit fours was the raspberry mousse with chocolate thingey AND their lemon magdeleines. yummm… I ended up having 2 cups of coffee and most of the 8 mini magdeleines and barely anything else.

Little gold flecks! I am one of those suckers that love luxurious looking desserts. But this was boring tasting.

Happily stuffed and grateful we did not pick the 7 course tasting menu because we were FULL!!

As we left the restaurant, we got these little lemon macarons~



Total Damage – $370 (with 2 fruit cocktails, 2 coffees and water)

Personal rating – 4.5 out of 5 (Between Great-Excellent)

(losing points on arrogant stuffy server n underwhelming dessert)

We had a great time and our minds blown a few times (quoting Meep) dishes BUT the server (a stumpy asian guy with a mustache) left a bad taste in my mouth. You expect servers who make you feel comfortable, is enthusiastic about making recommendations in this highly rated restaurant but he could not care less and it was obvious. I asked him about the some of the mains because I was undecided but he just stood there telling me what the menu reads and nothing more!

Meep is allergic to alcohol so when I mentioned it, he did not even suggest any non alcoholic drinks. I manage to find them on the menu and when Meep ordered them (both varieties as different times, he did not even know the names of the drinks!)

The other people (servers, food runners and all were really nice though) and it is suppose to be all about the food~ 🙂




Wynn Las vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 248-3463

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