DarTealing Lounge – San Francisco, CA

I love high tea! Actually to be more accurate, I love the idea of high tea – insane amount of food especially scones and clotted cream and lovely company~ Typically, I don’t even like sandwiches that much BUT when they are cut into little pieces and I get to eat 4 -6 varieties; they aren’t half bad.

And no I don’t have tea when we go for high tea, I always order coffee and I appreciate that every place we have been so far do serve good coffee.

Dartealing Lounge isn’t in the greatest area in SF but there is ample parking and the interior is as as quaint as any other high tea spots.


We ordered:

Afternoon Tea Service for two $43 that comes with 12 tea sandwiches (3 flavours), green salad, 2 baked scones, assortment of sweets/petit fours/tea biscuits and 2 pots of tea. We chose:

Bacon & Eggs, Smoked Salmon and capers, and Brie w Spicy Fruit Chutney

Berry & Thyme Scones with clotted cream, Profiteroles filled with strawberries:


We also ordered the Taste Tea Service that comes with four tea sandwiches (1 flavours), a scone, sausage roll and petit fours with one pot of tea. We added an additional sandwich (4 tea sandwiches) for $5.

Tofu and Citrus Ginger soy Glaze  & Darjeeling Curried chicken

Sausage Roll, Scone and petite fours

Of all the sandwiches, my favourite were the boring ones: Bacon & egg and Smoked Salmon. The other sandwiches were good as well. All served on soft fresh bread.

The scones were a tad disappointing as they were not as buttery and crumbly as I would have liked but still decent. I am a huge fan of sausage rolls so I appreciate the fact that they served them~


Total Damage: $92 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Very good)

The sandwiches were delish! Although pricey (but I guess high tea tends to always be a tad overpriced considering it is just sandwiches and tea), we loved the choices. There was definitely some creative sandwiches and lotsa tea options. I actually liked all the sandwiches (maybe not so much the tofu option but that’s coz I don’t like tofu).

Service was great! Food came out shortly after we ordered and the tea pots were kept filled for the couple hours that we were there. 🙂

Definitely a good option for high tea in the city.



DarTealing Lounge

470 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 644 0142

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