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Another dinner date with our favourite SK & A~ KISS serves authentic Japanese cuisine and we probably would not have thought to give it a shot if A didn’t tell us about it and made the reservations. The restaurant is run by a husband/wife team; the husband is the chef while the wife serves. Also rated highly in Zagat and the local food community.

We would have easily missed the restaurant if I didn’t know it was at the corner. There was no signage or anything other than a little piece of A4 paper stuck on the door.

The restaurant was TINY! With a sushi bar that seats only 6 people and another 3 tables that seats 2-4 each. Definitely fits about a dozen diners at each time.

Menu was short and with a little post it of the daily specials.

We opted for the Chef’s Special Omakase for $68 per person.

Started with Marinated Sardine & Kelp

Interesting way to start the meal. A little pungent from the tiny sardines but I liked it.

Potato Salad, Marinated Eggplant & Ginger, Tuna with Miso

I loved the salad and the tuna. The egg plant was not a huge favourite because I could not tell if it was suppose to be raw but pickled or cooked as it was kinda in the middle. I actually can’t tell you for sure that it is potato salad but it tasted very much like a sophisticated potato salad. The tuna was the best, topped with some crunchy veggies that is very much like swiss chard. Loved it.

Snapper (Tai), Abalone, Amberjack (Hiramasa), Fatty Tuna (Toro), Halibut, Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro)  & Striped Bass

I thought it was interesting how the sashimi was served. Every fish was cut differently and every pieces was different. I appreciate that the Chutoro was served in almost little cubes. It was like eating cubes of meat since the fish is so fatty and rich. The other big favourite is the halibut, which was almost crunchy in texture. The least favourite was the abalone, which I felt was really tough and chewy. The other varieties were pretty good.

Yellowtail w radish & lotus root topped with Manila clam

The dish was beautiful but a bit boring. The clam was delicious and the Hamachi was seasoned with some miso but was a tad overdone. It sat on a sliver of lotus root that seemed to be coated and cooked with some egg whites. My least favourite but not because it was not good, it was just underwhelming for a tasting menu.

Chawanmushi with mushrooms, dried scallops and halibut

One of the best chawanmushi I have ever had – super silky and not intensely egg-y. There is a nice dashi broth on the top and bits of fish and mushrooms with a nice chunk of dried scallop. The dried scallop gave the broth delicious flavour but was not that appetizing since it is just rehydrated salty tough shreds.

Snapper (Tai) , Sockeye Salmon (Sake), Spanish Mackerel (Aji), Tuna (Maguro) & Yellowtail (Hamachi)

My favourite piece of the night was the yellowtail, but all of the sushi was really fresh and served on a little morsel of perfectly cooked and seasoned sushi rice. The fish speaks for themselves. 🙂
Broth with mushrooms

Dashi broth with intense mushroom, seaweed and fish flavours. Very light and simple but satisfying.

Japanese Honeydew

Insanely sweet. Great simple way to end the meal.



Total Damage: $350/$88 per person (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Very very good)

The service was excellent, the sweet lady was super attentive and cleared plates the moment we are all done. Every dish was explained in detail and presented beautifully. The meal itself was super exciting or out of this world but it was very good. Nothing was under par and everything was well above average in quality and preparation.

The sushi bar is high in demand and reservations are not easy to come by for the tiny place; I even saw the server turn away walk in clients. It is not cheap or your everyday sushi spot but it was definitely a good experience for a date night.



Kiss Seafood

1700 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 474 2866

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